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October 27, 2017  12:15 PM

The intersection of blockchain and IoT is all about trust

Jessica Groopman Jessica Groopman Profile: Jessica Groopman
Bitcoin, Blockchain, Internet of Things, iot, IoT applications, iot security, lifecycle management, M2M, trust

There are already more connected devices on earth than there are humans. The number of network-connected and intercommunicating devices is expected to climb well into the tens of billions within a few years. As the...

October 10, 2017  1:04 PM

Are you ready to manage connected digital ecosystems?

Craig Bachmann Profile: Craig Bachmann
Digital ecosystem, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, ioe, iot, Partnerships, RFP, Service providers, trust

The internet of everything (IoE) connects people, places, things and services. While this offers businesses an abundance of opportunity for innovation, new business and revenue, it also comes with some great challenges. In this new reality, connecting and curating digital ecosystems are...

October 4, 2017  2:47 PM

Will consumers trust you with their connected life?

Eve Maler Profile: Eve Maler
consumer devices, consumer experience, Internet of Things, iot, IoT devices, IoT hardware, iot security, security in IOT, trust

As IoT technology becomes digitally woven throughout consumers' homes, cars and wardrobes, the kind of relationships companies build with their users becomes ever more intimate and personal. When the product you sell can hear what its owners are saying, capture data on their daily activities,...

May 3, 2017  12:15 PM

Securing the IoT revolution

Ger Daly Profile: Ger Daly
cybersecurity, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, IoT devices, iot security, security in IOT, trust

The internet of things has arrived -- everyday objects are getting smarter and internet connected, enabling rich information streams that can be shared seamlessly between devices, networks, industries, organizations and users. Today, billions of connected, smart devices are active around the world...

April 27, 2017  3:21 PM

GDPR: It’s more than a regulation, it’s an opportunity

Eve Maler Profile: Eve Maler
Data privacy, GDPR, Internet of Things, iot, IoT data, iot security, privacy, regulatory compliance, trust

Industries of all kinds face governmental regulation. It’s the price of doing business in civilized societies. But how businesses approach regulations has enormous bearing on organizational success. We got a stark reminder of the huge gulf between acting “by the book” and, well, something...

April 21, 2017  11:33 AM

The internet of trustworthy things: Can we trust emerging technologies?

Lucus Darnell Profile: Lucus Darnell
Consumer IoT, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, trust, Trust relationship

With the expansion of the internet of things, objects that were once "dumb" now have the capacity for "intelligence" and their capabilities are becoming integral in our everyday lives whether we like it or not. But what happens if those things can't be trusted? In January 2016, Google-owned Nest...

November 3, 2016  2:25 PM

Putting the T in IoTT: The internet of trusted things

Mark Thiele Profile: Mark Thiele
Data Management, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, trust

The internet of things -- the concept that anything that can connect will be connected -- is captivating consumers and enterprises alike. When billions of devices, applications and sensors can connect and share data, we will experience a technology transformation that will easily rival that of...

October 11, 2016  12:19 PM

IoT security from the outside in and inside out

Michael Tennefoss Profile: Michael Tennefoss
Data Management, Encryption, Enterprise mobility, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, mobile application management, mobile device management, trust

The internet of things is a confusing concept. It implies that interconnecting devices is a new concept (it's well worn), IoT devices are always connected to the internet (they're not), and the center of...

June 7, 2016  10:15 AM

Developing digital trust in the IoT era

Eve Maler Profile: Eve Maler
Internet of Things, iot, trust

The API economy exposes new business value digitally

The API economy has turned the tables on the way businesses monetize their offerings. Application programming interfaces...

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