IoT Agenda:

Traffic management

March 20, 2019  12:53 PM

Future of the automotive industry: IoT-enabled cars

Ankit Patel Ankit Patel Profile: Ankit Patel
Connected car, connected car data, connected cars, infotainment, Internet of Things, iot, IoT sensors, IoT software, Sensors, Traffic management

Imagine a day when a driverless car is roaming on the road with happy and contented passengers enjoying the seamless integration of entertainment, music, road safety, live traffic information and updates, and connectivity to other vehicles. It sounds too good to be true, but soon this once...

November 2, 2016  1:11 PM

Unseen, unheard… unappreciated? How hidden IoT can be a liability

Brian Zanghi Brian Zanghi Profile: Brian Zanghi
Internet of Things, iot, smart city, Smart meter, Traffic management

Part of the beauty of the internet of things is that so much of it works in the background, quietly and unobtrusively making life better. But that can actually be a drawback when you're building a smart city,...

October 31, 2016  2:19 PM

Building smart cities with IoT ecosystems for the future

Dean Hamilton Profile: Dean Hamilton
Data Management, Internet of Things, iot, smart city, Traffic management

There's a lot of talk about smart cities created with IoT technologies as the future of urban living. Transportation, energy, healthcare, water and waste are some of the government sectors looking at integrating information and technology to make the lives of residents better. Yet, while each

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