IoT Agenda:

Threat management

December 7, 2017  10:26 AM

Security in IoT: Prioritize, practice or pay the price

Erick Dean Profile: Erick Dean
Internet of Things, iot, IoT data, IoT devices, iot security, IT, Machine data, malware, security in IOT, Threat management

In industries where digitization is impacting every aspect of our lives, it is somewhat surprising that security in operational technology (OT) still remains the laggard. Recent hacks to companies in the private sector, and even against nation-states, have shown that

December 29, 2016  1:42 PM

The real-world threat of IoT in the enterprise

Patrick Foxhoven Profile: Patrick Foxhoven
Current threats, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, new threats, Threat management, Threat monitoring

It has been proven beyond a doubt that the internet of things is a risk for organizations large and small. From connected surveillance cameras to HVAC controllers, smart devices can be easily leveraged for nefarious purposes -- most recently to power some of the largest...

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