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Supply chain

September 6, 2017  4:26 PM

Waste not, want not: Making supply chains simple with IoT

Neil Hamilton Neil Hamilton Profile: Neil Hamilton
Internet of Things, iot, IOT Network, Logistics, Supply chain, Supply Chain Management, tracking, ussd

Cisco and DHL recently reported that IoT will make supply chains vastly more efficient and transparent leading to a $1.9 trillion impact on the supply chain and logistics sector. Nowhere...

June 22, 2017  12:09 PM

Industrial IoT: The opportunity we’ve always had

Rick Vanover Rick Vanover Profile: Rick Vanover
Automation, IIoT, Industrial applications, Industrial IoT, Industrial IT, Internet of Things, iot, Supply chain

When discussing the internet of things in any situation, it is always beneficial to have a specific use case identified. Some examples seem a bit far-fetched or overthought for normal technology situations while others seem too modern to have relevance for a practical use case. There is one...

May 25, 2017  11:50 AM

Putting legacy systems at the heart of IoT

Jason Kay Jason Kay Profile: Jason Kay
Digital transformation, IIoT, Industrial IoT, Internet of Things, iot, Legacy applications, legacy hardware, Legacy systems, Supply chain

Amidst all the talk about connected devices, big data and business intelligence, businesses are being bombarded with the message "disrupt or be disrupted." Recent research has revealed that 81% of CIOs believe legacy...

April 14, 2017  2:17 PM

Blockchain for industrial enterprises: Hype, reality, obstacles and outlook

Mark Bunger Mark Bunger Profile: Mark Bunger
Agriculture, Blockchain, energy, industrial company, Internet of Things, iot, power, Supply chain

In a recent webinar, we explored the hype around blockchain, industrial use cases outside of financial services and obstacles to enterprise deployments...

February 28, 2017  12:01 PM

IoT in logistics: Where’s the money? Part 2

Subhash Chowdary Subhash Chowdary Profile: Subhash Chowdary
Agriculture, farm, Internet of Things, iot, IoT data, Logistics, Supply chain

In my previous post about using IoT in logistics (IoTiL), the top three "where's the money" opportunities mentioned were: e-commerce, the food chain and

February 8, 2017  5:30 PM

IoT: The ultimate enabler for a digital supply chain

Guy Courtin Profile: Guy Courtin
Data Management, Internet of Things, iot, IoT analytics, Supply chain, Supply Chain analysis

The internet of things is coming to a supply chain near you. There will be 50 to 200 billion connected "things" by the end of this decade. Regardless of which research numbers you follow, we are about to be inundated by connected devices and things. IoT will be throwing off

December 16, 2016  11:43 AM

Forget Rudolph, IoT is Santa’s new best friend

Sean Riley Profile: Sean Riley
Digital transformation, Holidays, IIoT, Internet of Things, Manufacturing, Supply chain, Supply Chain Management

In the digital age, even Santa Claus is under pressure to deliver an improved customer experience. So he will be grateful this year for a new tool to help him plan his deliveries across the globe. Santa's 2016 world tour will be faster, more agile and more productive than ever thanks to the...

October 10, 2016  2:47 PM

IoT and software monetization: Getting started

Eric Free Eric Free Profile: Eric Free
Business model, Data monetization, Internet of Things, iot, manufacturers, Manufacturing, monetisation, Supply chain

It's been a long time since the manufacturing industry has seen something as powerfully transformative as the internet of things. According to Gartner, by 2020 there will be about 20.8 billion IoT devices in circulation. IoT is catching on...

October 4, 2016  11:03 AM

IoT in Logistics: Where’s the money? Part 1

Subhash Chowdary Subhash Chowdary Profile: Subhash Chowdary
Internet of Things, iot, Logistics, Supply chain

The U.S. exports about $1.5 trillion worth of goods and imports about $2.2 trillion. That is a total of $3.7 trillion in goods moved by logistics. The total value moved globally exceeds $17 trillion. Logistics is as real as death and taxes. Knowing where the money is spent in logistics helps...

September 12, 2016  2:48 PM

How IoT data boosts post-sale supply chain profits

Dan Gettens Profile: Dan Gettens
Analytics, Internet of Things, iot, Predictive Analytics, Supply chain, Supply Chain analysis, Supply Chain Management

The IoT tsunami is creating a huge opportunity to streamline and drive waste out of a costly and largely inefficient post-sale supply chain. However, most organizations are at a loss when it comes to using...

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