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January 24, 2017  4:05 PM

Four ways to unlock the full potential of the IoT connected home

Amena Ali Amena Ali Profile: Amena Ali
connected, Consumer IoT, Internet of Things, iot, IoT applications, Smart bulb, Smart Device, smart home

Ninety-nine percent of appliances and devices in the home are not connected. Today, you have no idea if the HVAC is working efficiently, let alone if it is about to breakdown. Ditto for your hot water heater, washer, dryer, dishwasher, etc. The failure of any one of these appliances is a major...

December 15, 2016  10:53 AM

Internet of People (IoP): The next frontier for IoT

Derek Peterson Profile: Derek Peterson
Data analysis, Data Analytics, Internet of Things, iot, IoT analytics, smart home

With all the talk of the internet of things, it seems everyone is scrambling to jump on the IoT bandwagon. Companies are connecting products to the internet because they can. The question is: why do that if there is no additional value by being connected? Taking it one step further, we are...

November 23, 2016  10:44 AM

Takeaways from October’s IoT DDoS attack

Haomiao Huang Profile: Haomiao Huang
DDOS, Denial of Service, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, smart home

Last month, there was a massive DDoS attack that was made possible by hacking into unsecured IoT devices, mainly home surveillance cameras. This left some homeowners questioning whether...

November 21, 2016  12:09 PM

Smart security: IoT advancements create a safer smart home for consumers

Brad Russell Brad Russell Profile: Brad Russell
Internet of Things, iot, iot security, Security systems, smart home

Recent advances in smart security and safety devices offer consumers new and expanded solutions to help them trade in worry for peace of mind. Companies invested in IoT technologies are leading that effort by...

November 8, 2016  3:24 PM

Six steps towards digital transformation via IoT

Terry Hughes Profile: Terry Hughes
Digital transformation, Internet of Things, iot, smart home

When I talk to companies that are working on IoT projects, the phrase "digital transformation" is often used, and here's the way I boil it down: Most established...

November 7, 2016  1:49 PM

The financial value of voice and data in IoT

Kenn Harper Kenn Harper Profile: Kenn Harper
Data Management, Developers, Internet of Things, iot, smart home, voice, Voice platform, Voice recognition

When is a refrigerator more like a cash register? These words may sound like the beginning of a children's riddle, but as the proliferation of smart devices continues into the marketplace it becomes abundantly clear that for many foreseeing corporations these simple words accurately describe a...

November 4, 2016  11:11 AM

Three ways to accelerate smart home IoT adoption

Amena Ali Amena Ali Profile: Amena Ali
consumer devices, consumers, Internet of Things, iot, smart home

When it comes to adoption of new products and technologies, there is often a chronological lag between perceived mass-market readiness and reality. Cloud, mobile apps and big data all fell into this category before indeed becoming an integral part of our lives, and it is a storyline currently...

October 21, 2016  12:44 PM

Making a smart home system smart: Why connectivity is not enough

Cees Links Profile: Cees Links
Connectivity, Internet of Things, iot, Sensors, Smart Building, smart home

Many IoT developers are looking at the smart home and thinking, "I can do this. How difficult can it be to make my device or my appliance connect to the internet and make it smart?" For decades,...

October 13, 2016  11:03 AM

Cloud platform trends for the smart home

Brad Russell Brad Russell Profile: Brad Russell
Amazon, Apple, cloud, Cloud platform, Internet of Things, iot, smart home

The IoT space is expanding to provide more targeted service offerings with vertical-specific capabilities, such as predefined reference applications, data algorithms, mobile apps and business intelligence...

September 9, 2016  11:58 AM

The internet of things: Changing the way we live

Harriet Green Profile: Harriet Green
home automation, Internet of Things, iot, smart home

We live in an age of immense technological and social change, much of which has been brought about by the emergence of such advanced technologies as cognitive computing,...

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