IoT Agenda:

Smart Building

March 22, 2017  10:53 AM

The future of intelligent buildings is bright: Lighting the way

Bruce Stewart Profile: Bruce Stewart
Data Analytics, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, LED Light, Smart Building, Smart lighting

Electricity use. Overhead costs. Maintenance downtime. There are things every business wants less of, and which can be solved by various energy efficiency solutions. But there are also important things businesses want more of: quality output, operational visibility, space utilization, customer...

March 15, 2017  10:23 AM

Automation 101: Work smarter, not harder, with intelligence overhead

Kaynam Hedayat Profile: Kaynam Hedayat
Enterprise IoT, IIoT, Intelligence, Internet of Things, iot, Predictive intelligence, Smart Building

As sensor-based smart building systems, like intelligent LED lighting networks, have gained popularity, much has been made of the huge energy and maintenance cost savings they can provide to the organizations that install them. In addition to the uniquely valuable overhead vantage point offered by...

December 12, 2016  1:49 PM

Commercial buildings and IoT: The evolution of experience

Himanshu Khurana Profile: Himanshu Khurana
Employee performance, Internet of Things, iot, Smart Building

Think a building stands to do nothing more than shield you from the elements, and house a collection of things and people? Think again. Technology advancements are revolutionizing how we interact with everything, including buildings, and the experiences we're able to have as a result. The...

December 6, 2016  1:03 PM

Smart sensors: The complete version

Itamar Roth Profile: Itamar Roth
Internet of Things, iot, IoT sensors, Sensor, Sensor data, Sensors, Smart Building, smart city, Smart sensors

The real breakthrough of the internet of things is the quantity and quality of actionable information that is used for creating value. This explains the crucial role of sensors in IoT: they are the gatherers and the gatekeepers of this actionable input data. Getting sensors to be truly smart,...

November 21, 2016  3:34 PM

Smart city deployments: Three routes to a mature smart city

Jeremy Green Profile: Jeremy Green
Internet of Things, iot, Smart Building, smart city, Smart meter

Reading the blogs, news articles and conference reports, it would be easy to conclude that the smart city was already here. There seem to be so many systems being rolled out, and so many ways in which city...

November 11, 2016  10:31 AM

IoT at work: How IoT empowers employee productivity

Kaynam Hedayat Profile: Kaynam Hedayat
Asset management, Employee performance, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, Physical security, Sensor, Smart Building

Most management teams set goals and strategies to empower employees to be more productive. There are hundreds of articles, books, even TED Talks focused on how to create a productive and motivated...

October 21, 2016  12:44 PM

Making a smart home system smart: Why connectivity is not enough

Cees Links Profile: Cees Links
Connectivity, Internet of Things, iot, Sensors, Smart Building, smart home

Many IoT developers are looking at the smart home and thinking, "I can do this. How difficult can it be to make my device or my appliance connect to the internet and make it smart?" For decades,...

August 19, 2016  2:16 PM

IoT and buildings: Top trends driving bottom-line value

Datta Godbole Profile: Datta Godbole
Big Data analytics, Data Analytics, Internet of Things, iot, Smart Building

If I asked you to define a building, would you look at me with confusion, and say it's a structure with walls and a roof? It's not a trick question, but it underscores the need to update our thinking. Traditional building definitions imply that they're static structures, or dead and depreciating...

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