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January 26, 2017  11:29 AM

Secure connectivity for the internet of things

Michael Tennefoss Profile: Michael Tennefoss
Application security, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, Machine learning, Network security, predictive modeling

In a provocative 2015 report, Gartner analysts Karamouzis, Jivan and Notardonato discussed the disruptive nature of smart machines, cognitive technologies and algorithmic business models. By classifying content, finding patterns and extrapolating generalizations from those patterns, these...

January 13, 2017  1:00 PM

Securing the perimeter with IoT begins and ends with the device

Dan Timpson Profile: Dan Timpson
Authentication, Encryption, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, PKI, PKI Security

The internet of things has drawn the attention of the White House and Congress amid growing concerns about the woeful state of IoT connected device security, most recently demonstrated when Mirai malware spread across botnets. Indeed, the lack of security in IoT devices portends a brave new...

January 9, 2017  1:37 PM

5G security: A proportionate choice

Herve Pierre Profile: Herve Pierre
5G, 5G technology, Authentication, Communications security, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, Network security

By 2021, 5G could deliver a spectacular range of potential benefits and use cases to network operators and service providers. This will create functional and technical needs for higher speeds, lower latency and greater power efficiency, and herald more actors and device types and greater use of the...

January 5, 2017  12:37 PM

Blockchain: An answer to governmental hacking concerns

Tiana Laurence Tiana Laurence Profile: Tiana Laurence
Blockchain, Data governance, Data Management, Data privacy, Internet of Things, iot

Data integrity has often been associated with industries such as medical and finance, areas where dips in accuracy can create ripple effects that impact the everyday lives of people. In theory, government records should also fall in line with that. The old way of thinking is that government...

January 4, 2017  3:34 PM

IoT predictions: IoT security in 2017

Sharon Shea Sharon Shea Profile: Sharon Shea
Authentication, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, malware, Ransomware, Security

Nobody doubted that IoT security was a disaster when, well, disaster struck -- the Mirai botnet took down swaths of the internet through a fairly simple, preventable...

December 29, 2016  1:42 PM

The real-world threat of IoT in the enterprise

Patrick Foxhoven Profile: Patrick Foxhoven
Current threats, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, new threats, Threat management, Threat monitoring

It has been proven beyond a doubt that the internet of things is a risk for organizations large and small. From connected surveillance cameras to HVAC controllers, smart devices can be easily leveraged for nefarious purposes -- most recently to power some of the largest...

December 23, 2016  11:21 AM

Is the internet of things becoming an internet of risk?

Earl Crane Profile: Earl Crane
DDOS, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, Risk management

About 100,000 internet-connected devices -- thermostats, baby monitors and other "smart" devices embedded with the brains of a computer -- compromised by malware launched a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS)

December 22, 2016  11:02 AM

Five predictions for the internet of things in 2017

Jason Shepherd Profile: Jason Shepherd
ai, Artificial intelligence, Dell, Digital transformation, future, industry, Internet of Things, iot, partners, Partnerships, Predictions, ROI, Security, tech

The internet of things continues to prove its relevance in organizations' digital transformation strategy. Companies big and small invested in it in 2016 and are realizing opportunities in extending IoT uses out into the field to enhance customer relationships and driving business growth....

December 21, 2016  11:57 AM

Evolving options for securing IoT in the enterprise

Chris Witeck Profile: Chris Witeck
DDOS, Denial of Service, firewall, Internet of Things, iot, iot security

In October 2016, my column discussed the impact of Moore's Law and Metcalfe's Law on the internet of things, basically stating that IoT is in your future because the...

December 12, 2016  2:23 PM

Failure to implement adequate IoT security framework threatens internet

Keith O'Byrne Profile: Keith O'Byrne
Botnet, DDOS, Denial of Service, Internet of Things, iot security

In 1978, NASA scientist Donald J. Kessler proposed a theory about what could happen when the number of objects in low earth orbit reached a certain high density. Once that threshold was reached, he posited that collisions between those objects would be inevitable. Even a chip of paint could be...

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