IoT Agenda:

RPA benefits

September 10, 2019  1:25 PM

What results are being achieved with connected RPA?

Pat Geary Profile: Pat Geary
ai, connected RPA, Internet of Things, iot, IoT software, robotic process automation, RPA, RPA benefits

Forward-thinking, global organizations operating in the most challenging era of our time are increasingly using connected robotic process automation (RPA), to help them stay ahead of the competition. Connected RPA is enabling organizations to liberate the combined creativity of their operations...

June 24, 2019  11:22 AM

What does real robotic process automation look like?

Pat Geary Profile: Pat Geary
connected RPA, RDA, robotic desktop automation, robotic process automation, RPA, RPA benefits, RPA security

Amid eye-popping investment figures, hype and claims from both established and emerging automation vendors, gaining clarity on robotic process automation is now a major issue. As the pioneers of RPA technology -- which has fueled a rapidly expanding, yet confused market -- we feel that it's more...

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