IoT Agenda:


February 28, 2017  3:22 PM

Open standards will drive the proliferation of IoT

James Kirkland Profile: James Kirkland
CoAP, Internet of Things, iot, MQTT, Open Standards & Open Source, Protocols, standards

History has shown that in times of great change -- when advances in technology promise to affect everyone and everything around them -- there is a need for people to come together to help direct the development of such technologies for the greater good. One only needs to look back a century or so...

July 14, 2016  3:44 PM

A protocol-agnostic approach for augmenting the value of the IoT

Carl Rodrigues Profile: Carl Rodrigues
Internet of Things, iot, protocol, Protocols

The ever-increasing connectivity between devices and humans makes the internet of things an everyday reality. IoT devices like connected running shoes and smartwatches are fun ways to show its promise. But for enterprises, IoT's benefits are rooted much more firmly in the practical: connectivity...

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