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February 6, 2019  2:21 PM

Robots won’t take all our jobs. But will they at least boost productivity?

Lawrence Whittle Profile: Lawrence Whittle
ai, Artificial intelligence, augmented worker, Automation, connected worker, Predictive maintenance, productivity, ROBOTS, skilled workers, Skills, workforce

Last year, economists were buzzing as the United States posted some of its best productivity growth in three years. Perhaps the economy had finally emerged from the woods of the IT boom's conclusion in the early aughts and the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis? Yet, while the economy looked...

June 29, 2017  5:06 PM

The next big innovation in industrial enterprise is voice: What’s the holdup?

Brian Ballard Profile: Brian Ballard
Consumer IoT, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, Mobile productivity, productivity, User experience, User Interface, voice, Voice platform, Voice recognition, voice-activation

Think about the ways we've been navigating around computers and information systems for the past four decades: keyboards, mice, touchscreens, even data gloves. What do they have in common? They are all designed for people who can use...

June 28, 2017  11:36 AM

Bridging the gap between technology investment and productivity

Chris Witeck Profile: Chris Witeck
Digital disruption, Digital transformation, Internet of Things, iot, Office productivity, physician productivity, productivity

Here's a puzzle to ponder: Why is it that in today's age of accelerating technology investments, where trends such as BYOD and IoT actively...

January 10, 2017  10:56 AM

Four key characteristics of meetings

Daniel Jackson Profile: Daniel Jackson
Internet of Things, iot, Meeting, meetings, productivity

In my last article, I touched on how the internet of things can power better meetings. In order to understand how IoT can help or define our work, it's important to understand what makes...

October 13, 2016  11:08 AM

The hard road from IIoT connectivity to productivity

Jon Sobel Profile: Jon Sobel
Connectivity, Data Management, IIoT, Internet of Things, iot, manufacturers, Manufacturing, productivity

In season two of HBO's Silicon Valley series, VC Russ Hanneman recoils in horror when startup CEO Richard Hendricks mentions plans to generate revenue. "If you show revenue, people will ask how much, and it will never be enough!" Hanneman warned. New technologies sometimes enjoy a golden phase...

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