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November 9, 2016  2:25 PM

Why location is the language for logistics

Christian Lundquist Profile: Christian Lundquist
Beacon, Internet of Things, iot, Logistics, Manufacturing, Sensor

Without location data, the internet of things would be ... lost. Google Maps, Uber, wayfinding apps and other location-based services rely heavily on location data. But just as importantly, location is a vital and growing element within the industrial internet of things.

November 7, 2016  4:37 PM

Far East IoT PCB fabrication: Don’t get your hopes too high

Zulki Khan Profile: Zulki Khan
Hardware, Internet of Things, iot, Manufacturing, PCB

Buyer-beware caution comes at a time when growing numbers of entrepreneurs are trying to grab a share of the burgeoning IoT market. As we all know, IoT technology is branching out into a multitude of markets and then even branching out further within certain markets -- like medical electronics,...

November 2, 2016  11:47 AM

The worlds of IT and OT collide within IIoT

Nisarg Desai Profile: Nisarg Desai
IIoT, Industrial IoT, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, IT, Manufacturing

To begin, let's take a look at the definitions of IT and OT separately. Information Technology (IT) refers to the "entire spectrum of technologies for information processing, including software, hardware, communications...

October 13, 2016  11:08 AM

The hard road from IIoT connectivity to productivity

Jon Sobel Profile: Jon Sobel
Connectivity, Data Management, IIoT, Internet of Things, iot, manufacturers, Manufacturing, productivity

In season two of HBO's Silicon Valley series, VC Russ Hanneman recoils in horror when startup CEO Richard Hendricks mentions plans to generate revenue. "If you show revenue, people will ask how much, and it will never be enough!" Hanneman warned. New technologies sometimes enjoy a golden phase...

October 10, 2016  2:47 PM

IoT and software monetization: Getting started

Eric Free Eric Free Profile: Eric Free
Business model, Data monetization, Internet of Things, iot, manufacturers, Manufacturing, monetisation, Supply chain

It's been a long time since the manufacturing industry has seen something as powerfully transformative as the internet of things. According to Gartner, by 2020 there will be about 20.8 billion IoT devices in circulation. IoT is catching on...

June 24, 2016  11:09 AM

TRUMPF secures IIoT data transportation with relay software

Sharon Shea Sharon Shea Profile: Sharon Shea
Internet of Things, iot, iot security, manufacturers, Manufacturing

Industrial internet of things applications help manufacturers better understand their machines and apply predictive maintenance to forgo unexpected downtime. Achieving this easily -- and securely -- is critical. But machines on the manufacturing floor have a funny way of not talking...

June 15, 2016  10:37 AM

Ready to build a B2B IoT product? Four lessons from B2C pioneers

Tony Scherba Tony Scherba Profile: Tony Scherba
Internet of Things, iot, Manufacturing, Smart Device, smart glasses, smart home

Like never before, technology is tending our gardens, minding our groceries and keeping us...

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