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October 4, 2016  11:03 AM

IoT in Logistics: Where’s the money? Part 1

Subhash Chowdary Subhash Chowdary Profile: Subhash Chowdary
Internet of Things, iot, Logistics, Supply chain

The U.S. exports about $1.5 trillion worth of goods and imports about $2.2 trillion. That is a total of $3.7 trillion in goods moved by logistics. The total value moved globally exceeds $17 trillion. Logistics is as real as death and taxes. Knowing where the money is spent in logistics helps...

October 3, 2016  1:35 PM

Is IoT a vital investment? The proof is in the ROI

Andrew Morawski Profile: Andrew Morawski
Internet of Things, iot, ROI

If you're like me, you've been a believer in the potential of the internet of things since the beginning. It's hard to deny the potential positive societal impacts a connected world can drive, but does it mean it's a vital investment for companies? Like most emerging technologies, there are always...

October 3, 2016  1:13 PM

Building IoT on crumbling legacy foundations

Jonah Kowall Profile: Jonah Kowall
APM, APM software, APM tools, Application performance, Internet of Things, iot

Often technology companies focus on innovators who started with a clean slate. Unfortunately, this is far from reality for most businesses, as most organizations have critical initiatives to become digitally native and agile to meet customer expectations. My employer helps companies with both...

September 30, 2016  12:03 PM

No, IoT will not change the world

Wael Elrifai Profile: Wael Elrifai
Internet of Things, iot, Sensor data

Sorry for the clickbait opening! What I mean is that IoT is just a tiny fraction, and possibly the most obvious evolution of the tools we need to remake humanities interaction with our world; how we consume, preserve and sustain our societies. Computation and communications are cheap. Our

September 30, 2016  11:42 AM

Who needs the internet of things and why

Tom Bradicich Tom Bradicich Profile: Tom Bradicich
Internet of Things, iot, Sensor data, Sensors

Data has value. Combined data has more value. The data pent up in the "things" of the internet of things will promote bringing more data together from more sources than has ever been achieved in human history. If your company doesn't have an

September 29, 2016  12:29 PM

Securing industrial IoT: Spotlight on DMZ and segmentation

Sravani Bhattacharjee Profile: Sravani Bhattacharjee
DMZ, IIoT, Internet of Things, iot, iot security

Industrial IoT is ushering the era of IT and OT convergence. However, making traditional OT assets smarter with IT technologies also means a larger cyber threat surface and, hence,

September 29, 2016  9:53 AM

Cyber-physical systems and IoT

Eduardo Krumholz Profile: Eduardo Krumholz
Internet of Things, iot, iot security

There is a fourth industrial revolution coming. Following the lean revolution of the 1970s, the outsourcing phenomenon of the 1990s and the automation that took off in the 2000s, cyber-physical systems have become the next frontier. When it comes to

September 28, 2016  12:42 PM

Why you should apply rapid experimentation to your IoT projects

Johan den Haan Profile: Johan den Haan
Applications development, Internet of Things, iot, Sensor, Sensor data, Use case

Something big is happening, and it is changing everything -- how we interact with each other, our products and the companies around us. And it’s the data explosion and the internet of things. The hype is real, everything around us is being equipped with

September 28, 2016  12:30 PM

Massive IoT: Security is vital

Herve Pierre Profile: Herve Pierre
5G, 5G technology, Authentication, Denial of Service, Internet of Things, iot, iot security

While it is early days for 5G, one thing is clear: security and privacy will remain fundamental requirements, with the changes foreseen for 5G likely to broaden the range of attractive attack targets. We believe that massive IoT, one of the main application segments for 5G identified by...

September 27, 2016  3:42 PM

Why enterprise IoT — not consumer — is the next big thing

Arup Barat Profile: Arup Barat
Internet of Things, iot

We hear so much about the potential of the internet of things every day in the news. For the most part, examples and discussion is focused on consumer trends and products for IoT, but in the real world,...

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