IoT Agenda:

home automation

September 20, 2018  1:18 PM

IoT technologies pave the road to the context-aware smart home

Raoul Wijgergangs Raoul Wijgergangs Profile: Raoul Wijgergangs
Amazon Alexa, Bluetooth, Data, home automation, Internet of Things, Interoperability, iot, IOT Network, Sensors, smart home, Smart lighting, Thermostat, Wi-Fi, Wireless

In today's smart home, smart speakers are a Trojan horse, where their proliferation contributes to overall smart home awareness. In many homes, a smart speaker is the inaugural device which inspires homeowners to add additional devices, such as lightbulbs or thermostats, to control using voice...

March 6, 2017  4:35 PM

Monitoring tools are the center of the smart home

Dirk Paessler Profile: Dirk Paessler
Consumer IoT, DIY, home automation, Internet of Things, iot, Monitoring, smart home

The internet of things has become a dominant topic in both technology and consumer circles, and nothing manifests that trend better than the smart home. And for good reason -- home automation technology is...

September 9, 2016  11:58 AM

The internet of things: Changing the way we live

Harriet Green Profile: Harriet Green
home automation, Internet of Things, iot, smart home

We live in an age of immense technological and social change, much of which has been brought about by the emergence of such advanced technologies as cognitive computing,...

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