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April 16, 2018  1:22 PM

A new era for the connected mobile ecosystem

Tim Sherwood Tim Sherwood Profile: Tim Sherwood
Connectivity, Internet of Things, iot, IOT Network, Mobile, mobile network, Mobility, SIM, SIM card, Wireless

In a world that is increasingly digital and virtual, the use of embedded SIMs (eSIM) and soft SIMs are starting to gather pace. Simply put, a device with an eSIM comes with a SIM chip built in, straight out of the box. A device with a soft SIM doesn't have any SIM hardware at all; the SIM...

November 3, 2017  12:05 PM

What does the future of mobility look like?

Josh Garrett Profile: Josh Garrett
ai, Artificial intelligence, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, IoT devices, Laptops, M2M, Mobile devices, Smartphones, Tablets

Predicting the technology of the future is difficult, if not impossible. As we look toward the next five years and what mobile technology might look like, we decided to ask 300 IT decision-makers of multinational enterprises what technology they think will be commonplace in their organizations in...

October 27, 2017  3:18 PM

Three key criteria in an IoT PCB stencil design

Zulki Khan Profile: Zulki Khan
Design, Hardware, Internet of Things, iot, IoT applications, IoT devices, IoT hardware

Designing a stencil for a conventional rigid printed circuit board (PCB) is challenging enough in this day and age, but designing a stencil for a much smaller IoT rigid-flex or flex circuit takes on a considerably new...

July 26, 2017  12:47 PM

Pump up high reliability for IoT PCBs

Zulki Khan Profile: Zulki Khan
Hardware, Internet of Things, iot, IoT applications, IoT hardware, PCB, Printed circuit boards

The demand for and technology of IoT devices are rapidly passing the consumer market and landing squarely in medical electronics, IT/enterprise, industrial and military markets. And those IoT markets are experiencing dramatic growth. However, those markets are highly demanding when it comes to...

July 13, 2017  2:53 PM

Is IoT taking us back to the garage? The ‘hardware renaissance’

Vishnu Andhare Vishnu Andhare Profile: Vishnu Andhare
Hardware, Hardware and software, Hardware relocation, Internet of Things, iot, IoT hardware

It's now been almost six years since Marc Andreessen coined his famous phrase, "Software is eating the world." What seemed prescient in 2011 is now present in our everyday lives, as software continues to turn one industry after another on its ear. Familiar examples like Uber or Airbnb, of...

May 25, 2017  11:50 AM

Putting legacy systems at the heart of IoT

Jason Kay Jason Kay Profile: Jason Kay
Digital transformation, IIoT, Industrial IoT, Internet of Things, iot, Legacy applications, legacy hardware, Legacy systems, Supply chain

Amidst all the talk about connected devices, big data and business intelligence, businesses are being bombarded with the message "disrupt or be disrupted." Recent research has revealed that 81% of CIOs believe legacy...

April 24, 2017  6:31 PM

Can EMM solve the IoT security puzzle?

Sravani Bhattacharjee Profile: Sravani Bhattacharjee
CIO, CISO, computer, EMM, Enterprise mobility, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, Mobile app, Mobility, nist, Security

Enterprise IoT adoption is trending up globally. In February 2017, Aruba published IoT adoption stats surveying 3,100 enterprise...

January 25, 2017  2:05 PM

ISDN switch-off 2018: IoT as a suitable alternative

Karina Popova Profile: Karina Popova
Data transmission, Internet of Things, iot, IP technology, IP telephony, ISDN, M2M, Mobile communication, PPP, retailers, SIM card, SIP, telephone, Voice calls, VoIP, VPN Tunnel

The ISDN technology switch-off is inevitable. And currently there is a need to find an appropriate alternative. All-IP is a rather perspective substitute. VoIP is a stable and cost-effective alternative in telephone industry. Though mobile communication should also be considered. Especially when...

January 12, 2017  5:00 PM

IoT PCB considerations for startups

Zulki Khan Profile: Zulki Khan
Hardware, Internet of Things, iot, IoT hardware, PCB, Printed circuit boards

Since IoT devices are so new, you would think that getting an IoT printed circuit board (PCB) project off the ground starts by reinventing the wheel and going through a lot of technical hassle. That is definitely not...

November 16, 2016  2:16 PM

Three types of IoT PCBs: Class I, Class II and Class III

Zulki Khan Profile: Zulki Khan
Hardware, Internet of Things, iot, PCB, Wearables

Just like the big boys (meaning conventional printed circuit boards), IoT PCBs fall under the categories of Class I, II and III. Earlier, I noted that Class I IoT PCBs

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