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December 13, 2016  11:54 AM

Big data or bust: The geospatial data connection to IoT

Ron Bisio Profile: Ron Bisio
Big Data, Big Data analytics, Data Analytics, GEOSpatial, Geospatial data, Internet of Things, iot

People around the world touch intelligence powered by geospatial data every day. From enterprise-scale operations to consumer applications on a smartphone, we (businesses and consumers) are increasingly reliant on geospatial data -- and we want it in real-time. Today's demand for data requires...

November 10, 2016  3:36 PM

Discussing the geospatial data value chain

Ron Bisio Profile: Ron Bisio
Data Analytics, Data Management, GEOSpatial, Geospatial data, Internet of Things, iot

A quick look around the 21st century marketplace reveals a simple truth: the value of data has changed. Calculating that data value, however, is a complex practice. Industries that once stood alone and operated in siloes have become interconnected by sheer necessity -- collecting,...

September 23, 2016  1:52 PM

Why geospatial professionals need the cloud

Ron Bisio Profile: Ron Bisio
cloud, Cloud Services, GEOSpatial, GNSS, gps, Sensor, Sensor data

Unlike some traditional IoT applications, which typically feature endpoints equipped with sensors as the primary source...

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