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Distributed database

August 30, 2018  2:27 PM

What is a distributed database system?

Steven Graves Profile: Steven Graves
Blockchain, Clustering/High availability, Clusters, Database, Database management, Database Management Systems, Distributed database, High Availability, Internet of Things, iot, IoT data, Shard, Sharding

I almost want to cringe when I receive a telephone call or email from a potential customer who says something to this effect: "I need a distributed database for a [fill in system name here] that I'm developing, and it looks like eXtremeDB might be a good fit. Can you share licensing terms with me?"...

July 28, 2017  11:43 AM

Blockchain: IoT’s new best friend?

Ron Lifton Profile: Ron Lifton
Blockchain, Data-security, Distributed database, Internet of Things, iot, IoT applications, iot security

Has the internet of things won a new best friend in blockchain? Following a compound annual growth rate of 52%, it's expected that capital markets applications for...

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November 30, 2016  4:05 PM

How IoT made distributed computing cool again (Part 2)

Adam Wray Profile: Adam Wray
Distributed computing, Distributed data, Distributed database, Internet of Things, iot

In part one of our examination of the distributed computing lexicon, we discussed the importance of ensuring data availability and usability in distributed internet of...

November 11, 2016  2:01 PM

Blockchain World Congress: Taking blockchain beyond financial services

Isaac Brown Profile: Isaac Brown
Bitcoin, Blockchain, Distributed database, Internet of Things, iot, Smart contracts

We recently attended the Blockchain World Congress conference in New York City. Bitcoin and implications for financial services were a major focus, but a lot of attention was dedicated to...

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