IoT Agenda:


December 23, 2016  11:21 AM

Is the internet of things becoming an internet of risk?

Earl Crane Profile: Earl Crane
DDOS, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, Risk management

About 100,000 internet-connected devices -- thermostats, baby monitors and other "smart" devices embedded with the brains of a computer -- compromised by malware launched a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS)

December 21, 2016  11:57 AM

Evolving options for securing IoT in the enterprise

Chris Witeck Profile: Chris Witeck
DDOS, Denial of Service, firewall, Internet of Things, iot, iot security

In October 2016, my column discussed the impact of Moore's Law and Metcalfe's Law on the internet of things, basically stating that IoT is in your future because the...

December 12, 2016  2:23 PM

Failure to implement adequate IoT security framework threatens internet

Keith O'Byrne Profile: Keith O'Byrne
Botnet, DDOS, Denial of Service, Internet of Things, iot security

In 1978, NASA scientist Donald J. Kessler proposed a theory about what could happen when the number of objects in low earth orbit reached a certain high density. Once that threshold was reached, he posited that collisions between those objects would be inevitable. Even a chip of paint could be...

December 6, 2016  1:05 PM

How to handle security fatigue in IoT

Mike Milner Profile: Mike Milner
cybersecurity, DDOS, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, Transparency

As our lives continue to become more virtual, people have become inundated with messages to constantly keep up with securing their cyber-profiles, from changing passwords regularly and never using the same one twice, to setting up multiple-step verification for online accounts. However because of...

November 23, 2016  10:44 AM

Takeaways from October’s IoT DDoS attack

Haomiao Huang Profile: Haomiao Huang
DDOS, Denial of Service, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, smart home

Last month, there was a massive DDoS attack that was made possible by hacking into unsecured IoT devices, mainly home surveillance cameras. This left some homeowners questioning whether...

November 17, 2016  10:05 AM

IoT needs embedded security following record-breaking DDoS attacks

Randy Vanderhoof Profile: Randy Vanderhoof
DDOS, Denial of Service, Internet of Things, iot, iot security

A cascading string of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks -- which took down parts of hundreds of sites including Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, Airbnb, Reddit and The New York Times --...

November 10, 2016  1:39 PM

Preventing IoT attacks: When network-level defense isn’t enough

Mordechai Guri Profile: Mordechai Guri
DDOS, Endpoint security, iot security, malware, Network security

Until recently, IoT security concerns were in the realm of experts and doomsayers. The recent Mirai malware attacks, however, have everyone paying attention. The attack on Dyn, which manages much of the internet's DNS infrastructure, demonstrated the power of IoT devices to be the ultimate attack...

November 8, 2016  5:08 PM

Life after the IoT botnet: Eleven key takeaways

Ted Harrington Profile: Ted Harrington
Botnet, DDOS, Denial of Service, Hardware security, Internet of Things, iot, iot security

On Friday October 21, 2016, internet infrastructure provider Dyn was the victim of a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS).

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