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October 31, 2017  12:34 PM

Four stages of securing the super-connected world

Srinivasan CR Profile: Srinivasan CR
cybersecurity, Data-security, DDOS, Internet of Things, iot, IoT data, iot security, security in IOT

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The initiative by the Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance is a huge collaborative effort spanning both public and private sectors, and a good demonstration of how the industry is coming together to safeguard the...

September 25, 2017  3:09 PM

How to build secure IIoT networks to support aging critical infrastructure

Stewart Kantor Profile: Stewart Kantor
DDOS, IIoT, Industrial IoT, Internet of Things, iot, IOT Network, iot security, Network security, RF, security in IOT

The country's critical infrastructure is made up of massive and sprawling elements of concrete, wood, metal and other man-made and natural materials, many of which were engineered to withstand a wide range of threats, from severe natural disasters to nuclear war. However, over time, with increased...

September 15, 2017  11:06 AM

How much risk does IoT create for your business?

Pedro Abreu Profile: Pedro Abreu
Botnet, DDOS, Denial of Service, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, security in IOT

It is estimated that there will be 30 billion connected devices by 2020, according to leading industry analysts. Manufacturers are creating devices to streamline everything we do -- from our personal lives with workouts and grocery shopping to our professional environment with conference calls and...

August 1, 2017  11:15 AM

Mirai and Amnesia: Early lessons in attacks against IoT, part one

Christopher Budd Profile: Christopher Budd
Botnet, cybersecurity, DDOS, Internet of Things, iot, security in IOT, WannaCry

Since the early days of the internet of things, those of us who work in the world of vulnerabilities and threats have been warning about the risks associated with IoT. When the

May 31, 2017  3:06 PM

Botnets, ransomware and IoT viruses: Do they make you WannaCry?

Josh Garrett Profile: Josh Garrett
Botnet, botnets, DDOS, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, Ransomware, Security, security in IOT, WannaCry

The recent WannaCry computer virus may have been an eye-opener for many, but we shouldn't be surprised. It certainly wasn't the first virus of this magnitude, and it won't be the...

May 2, 2017  11:24 AM

Bricker bot: A silver lining to force accountability for IoT security?

Douglas Santos Douglas Santos Profile: Douglas Santos
Bot, Botnet, Brute force attack, DDOS, Denial of Service, iot security, security in IOT

The Bricker bot made the news a couple of weeks ago for knocking unsecured IoT devices offline rather than hijacking them into other botnets and using them for a DDoS attack like the massive event we saw last year against DYN. This is the third botnet that targets insecure IoT devices, but the only...

April 25, 2017  11:37 AM

Connected devices and security: Protecting your devices and networks

Josh Garrett Profile: Josh Garrett
Amazon, DDOS, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, MMS, Network, Playstation, Reddit, Security, security in IOT, Spotify

Recently, I was reading about how voice records from an Amazon Echo's Alexa had been subpoenaed in a murder investigation. Police were trying to determine if the machine had picked up anything incriminating during a suspicious death, while Amazon argued that handing over the device's data would...

April 12, 2017  12:23 PM

What we can learn from the Mirai botnet attack

Ted Myers Profile: Ted Myers
Botnet, DDOS, Internet of Things, Internet protocol, iot, iot security, IP, IP security, security in IOT

A serious distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) Mirai botnet attack was launched recently. More than 100,000 IP-addressable devices were hijacked to target Dyn, which provides the domain...

March 31, 2017  3:31 PM

IoT attack trends — and how to mitigate them

Mordechai Guri Profile: Mordechai Guri
Antimalware, Botnet, Consumer IoT, DDOS, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, Ransomware

Two years ago, IoT attacks were considered exotic, an aberration of interest mainly to those in the industry and conspiracy theorists. No longer. The recent " 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

February 8, 2017  10:47 AM

The dark side of the internet of things: The security challenge

Marc Wilczek Marc Wilczek Profile: Marc Wilczek
Consumer IoT, DDOS, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, iot security

Even though they differ greatly, what analyst and vendor projections all agree on is that the number of connected internet of things devices will essentially go through the roof over the next couple of years. Estimates range anywhere from 20 to 50 billion connected IoT devices by 2020 -- with...

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