IoT Agenda:

Data monetization

October 10, 2016  2:47 PM

IoT and software monetization: Getting started

Eric Free Eric Free Profile: Eric Free
Business model, Data monetization, Internet of Things, iot, manufacturers, Manufacturing, monetisation, Supply chain

It's been a long time since the manufacturing industry has seen something as powerfully transformative as the internet of things. According to Gartner, by 2020 there will be about 20.8 billion IoT devices in circulation. IoT is catching on...

October 7, 2016  10:51 AM

Deep data: The solution to the IoT information explosion

Badri Raghavan Profile: Badri Raghavan
Data Management, Data monetization, Internet of Things, iot

Today, there are 15 billion connected devices worldwide, and with those connected devices come massive amounts of data. Businesses are leveraging this wealth of data to gain insights into prospects and customers to steer engagement strategies, identify pain points in marketing and sales...

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