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Customer engagement

January 7, 2019  1:40 PM

IoT and streaming data are revitalizing the brick-and-mortar shopping experience

Brent Biddulph Profile: Brent Biddulph
brick and mortar, Customer engagement, customer experience, CX, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, IoT analytics, IoT data, IoT devices, IoT in retail, IoT products, IoT services, retail IoT, retailers, streaming analytics, streaming data

The cat, er, robot, is finally out of the bag: In-store retail is not only not dead, it's in a position to revolutionize shopping in much the same way e-commerce did two decades ago. While e-commerce is growing rapidly, 91% of U.S. retail sales still occurred in-store in 2017

September 26, 2018  10:25 AM

Get ready for just-in-time customer engagement

Seeta Hariharan Seeta Hariharan Profile: Seeta Hariharan
consumers, Customer engagement, Customer loyalty, Customer satisfaction, Internet of Things, iot, IoT sensors, Just in Time, retail, retailers, Sensors, Smartphones, Wireless

One of the most important industrial innovations in the 20th century was just-in-time manufacturing. Pioneered by Toyota in auto assembly plants, the methodology was aimed at speeding production and...

June 6, 2018  3:57 PM

IoT data: Giving new definition to ‘data-driven’ marketing

Haden Kirkpatrick Profile: Haden Kirkpatrick
Consumer data, consumer experience, Customer analytics, Customer data, Customer engagement, Customer satisfaction, Customer service, Data Analytics, Internet of Things, iot, IoT analytics, IoT data, Marketing, Marketing automation

Early in the internet era, consumers made a bargain with tech companies that neither fully understood. "Give the tech firms your data," the agreement went, "and we will provide valuable services, free to you, by monetizing that data." This agreement worked fine and has largely continued without a...

May 9, 2018  4:51 PM

Why smart operators are turning to AI to prepare for 5G

Ben Pietrabella Profile: Ben Pietrabella
5G, ai, Artificial intelligence, Connectivity, Customer engagement, Customer satisfaction, DevOps, Internet of Things, iot, IoT data, IOT Network, Network, NFV, SDN, Wireless

5G holds great promise. The next-generation wireless network will enable large-scale internet of things applications and support blisteringly fast data processing across a diverse array of devices on a massive scale. Today's 4G status quo will not be an option when it comes to supporting...

April 10, 2017  4:18 PM

IoT and customer intimacy: They’re related

Mark Thiele Profile: Mark Thiele
Automation, Consumer IoT, Customer engagement, Customer experience management, Customer satisfaction, Customer service, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot

Potentially the biggest opportunity and/or theme in the definition and use of the internet of things will be in the effort to increase supplier intimacy with the customer. Have we considered what this might mean for the average IT organization? It's safe to assume that you'll need to make a change...

January 23, 2017  2:28 PM

Striking a balance: How IoT is revolutionizing customer service

Zach Supalla Profile: Zach Supalla
Customer engagement, Customer experience management, Customer satisfaction, Customer service, Internet of Things, iot

According to a recent report from customer intelligence consulting firm Walker, customer experience (CX) is expected to overtake price and product as the number one key differentiator of businesses by 2020. Customer expectations are increasing,...

January 21, 2016  9:32 AM

IoT enhances customer engagement for brands and marketers

Scott Amyx Scott Amyx Profile: Scott Amyx
Customer engagement, Internet of Things, iot

Consumer data is collected largely through tools like online metrics and surveys, but it is difficult to effectively gather information about customer engagement offline. Hard metrics on real emotional brand engagement have not been readily available for advertisers and marketers -- until now.

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