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Connected Data

November 11, 2019  3:07 PM

How IoT connectivity will tackle society’s biggest challenges

Suresh Ram Profile: Suresh Ram
cellular IoT, Connected Data, Internet of Things, iot, IoT connectivity, IOT Network, Network, smart factory

IoT is coming of age. In recent years, the technologies behind IoT connectivity have powered new products, new market categories and new ideas while impacting business decisions, consumer behaviors and economic trends. And now, from health trackers to real-time video surveillance, IoT products...

November 12, 2018  12:56 PM

Three unexpected ways AI is revolutionizing connected living

Ohad Amir Profile: Ohad Amir
ai, Artificial intelligence, Big Data, Connected Data, consumer, consumer devices, Consumer IoT, energy, iot, IoT devices, smart home

Artificial intelligence is becoming more ubiquitous, but most of us don't see it in action as it's very much behind the scenes. However, its presence is increasing to the point where we're slowly but surely seeing its impact. Consider this: Just as people years ago didn't know what to make of...

June 11, 2018  3:23 PM

Connected customer experiences: The product of a connected economy

Seeta Hariharan Seeta Hariharan Profile: Seeta Hariharan
Connected Data, consumer experience, Consumer IoT, Customer satisfaction, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, IoT applications, IoT data, IoT devices, smart city, User experience

Today's connected consumers are more likely to show off their latest sushi dinner on Instagram than their latest possessions. They want -- and immediately expect -- rewarding experiences from every company they do business with. And like a

March 1, 2017  12:00 PM

Connected medical device security: The usefulness of unenforceable guidance

Ted Harrington Profile: Ted Harrington
#eHealth #Healthcare IOT #Wearables #wireless medical devices, Connected Data, Connected Health, FDA, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, medical device regulation, medical device security

The United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA), which oversees approval of medical devices for the healthcare industry, recently published

December 1, 2016  11:20 AM

The seven key building blocks for IoT success

Ryan Lester Profile: Ryan Lester
Business model, Connected Data, Consumer IoT, Enterprise IoT, IoT applications

A journey to IoT success is a complicated one. Most companies start out focused on three things -- device hardware, connectivity and an end user app. While these are all important assets, they are only part of a broader set of building blocks. There are seven key steps that any company starting an...

August 18, 2016  9:50 AM

IT’s critical role in industrial IoT

Dirk Paessler Profile: Dirk Paessler
Connected Data, IIoT, Industrial IT, Internet of Things, iot, M2M, Network infrastructure, Network monitoring

While the internet of things receives a great deal of attention these days, its vision may not become a reality for some time. My refrigerator is not connected to the internet, and I suspect that your...

August 9, 2016  1:22 PM

Creating a connected enterprise: It’s not rocket science

Anubhav Dwivedi Profile: Anubhav Dwivedi
Azure, Connected Data, Internet of Things, iot

The internet of things is more than things -- devices and sensors -- and their connectivity – internet -- with IT Infrastructure. The real definition of IoT starts when these IoT-enabled things reveal...

July 28, 2016  1:33 PM

The pulse of digital healthcare: What’s the prognosis for the future?

Manish Mistry Manish Mistry Profile: Manish Mistry
Connected Data, Connected Health, Digital Health, Internet of Things, iot, medical, medical devices

Since the advent of digital healthcare, both capital investment and consumer interest have continued to accelerate with no signs of slowing down. In fact, funding of the digital healthcare market exceeded $4.3 billion in 2015, driven in large...

April 21, 2016  1:34 PM

Exploring the connected audio device landscape

Brad Russell Brad Russell Profile: Brad Russell
Connected Data, Internet of Things, iot

Connected audio devices include a variety of consumer electronics connected to the Internet for the primary or secondary purpose of streaming Internet-delivered audio content such as music, Internet radio or podcasts. These devices include smartphones, tablets, PCs, digital media servers and...

April 21, 2016  1:25 PM

The changing landscape of IoT data and analytics

Emil Berthelsen Profile: Emil Berthelsen
Analytics, Big Data, Connected Data, Internet of Things, iot, IoT analytics

Wave interference is the technical term for when two waves meet. The resulting displacement or superposition is the combined net effect of each wave. IoT data and analytics reflects in many ways the superposition between

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