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Cognitive computing

December 5, 2018  10:23 AM

Building the predictive maintenance 4.0 era with cognitive-first models

Ruban Phukan Profile: Ruban Phukan
anomaly detection, Artificial intelligence, Cognitive computing, cognitive machine learning, Data Analytics, Data Science, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, IoT analytics, IoT applications, IoT verticals, Machine learning, Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance has come a long way since the '90s. Over the past decade, IIoT and the evolution of analyzing sensor information has pushed organizations to look at new ways to use data to understand machine health. A new wave of data sets is being generated by and collected through a new...

September 10, 2018  11:50 AM

Predictive maintenance can make vehicle recalls a thing of the past

Ruban Phukan Profile: Ruban Phukan
ai, Artificial intelligence, Cognitive computing, Connected car, Connected vehicles, IIoT, Industrial IoT, Internet of Things, iot, Machine learning, manufacturers, Manufacturing, Predictive Analytics, Predictive maintenance

With 64 million units having to be taken off the market, 2014 was one of the worst years for the automotive industry in terms of the number of vehicles recalled. The fact that in 2017 the...

January 19, 2017  4:52 PM

IoT in cognitive science and web proctoring

Shanmugasundaram M Profile: Shanmugasundaram M
Cognitive computing, Educational Institutions, Educational Technology, Internet of Things, iot

IoT has been a buzz word for some time now and is being talked about in applying to all and sundry fields. But nowhere is there talk of applying it in cognitive science and web proctoring. Cognitive science is all about measuring the effectiveness of a human in his cognitive endeavors. What we...

July 19, 2016  8:56 AM

How IoT and cognitive computing make buildings better

Harriet Green Profile: Harriet Green
Cognitive computing, Internet of Things, iot

We spend most of our lives in buildings -- the places where we live, work, socialize, shop and relax. It is not surprising, therefore, that their design and usability so significantly affect the performance of their users. For example, experience tells us that everything from poor air conditioning...

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