IoT Agenda:

Big Data analytics

December 13, 2016  11:54 AM

Big data or bust: The geospatial data connection to IoT

Ron Bisio Profile: Ron Bisio
Big Data, Big Data analytics, Data Analytics, GEOSpatial, Geospatial data, Internet of Things, iot

People around the world touch intelligence powered by geospatial data every day. From enterprise-scale operations to consumer applications on a smartphone, we (businesses and consumers) are increasingly reliant on geospatial data -- and we want it in real-time. Today's demand for data requires...

August 19, 2016  2:16 PM

IoT and buildings: Top trends driving bottom-line value

Datta Godbole Profile: Datta Godbole
Big Data analytics, Data Analytics, Internet of Things, iot, Smart Building

If I asked you to define a building, would you look at me with confusion, and say it's a structure with walls and a roof? It's not a trick question, but it underscores the need to update our thinking. Traditional building definitions imply that they're static structures, or dead and depreciating...

August 8, 2016  12:02 PM

Reinvent supply chain operations the IoT way

Dhavan Rathore Profile: Dhavan Rathore
Big Data analytics, Internet of Things, iot, Mobile & Enterprise Application Development, Real time analytics, Supply Chain analysis, Supply Chain Management

Gartner predicted that by 2020, the internet of things will add an estimated $1.9 trillion to the global economy. As such, it would only be fair to say that the world is witnessing its 4th industrial revolution, driven by the phenomenal adoption of

February 23, 2016  11:40 AM

IoT and food safety spell more CIO involvement

John Moore John Moore Profile: John Moore
Big Data analytics, Internet of Things, iot, RFID, Sensor data, Supply chain

Bob Whitaker, chief science and technology officer at the Produce Marketing Association, thinks the Internet of Things (IoT) will draw CIOs and CTOs into the field of food safety. In his role at the...

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