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June 8, 2018  2:19 PM

How IoT is changing the future of the retail industry

Mehul Rajput Mehul Rajput Profile: Mehul Rajput
advertising, Beacon, Internet of Things, iot, IoT analytics, IoT applications, IoT data, IoT hardware, Marketing, retail, Retail IT, retailers, ROBOTS, Supply Chain Management

With the advent of IoT, the retail industry has gotten much-needed impetus to enhance sales. Virtual internet connectivity has already gained ground as it is transforming a number of industries, thereby changing the traditional landscape. IoT helps you establish a connection with various physical...

May 10, 2017  11:54 AM

In an age of flashy IoT, hidden devices may be the real game changers

Mark de Clercq Profile: Mark de Clercq
Beacon, BLE, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Devices, Consumer IoT, Internet of Things, iot, IOT Network

Most conversations about the internet of things take place under the pretext that it will change our day-to-day lives via an array of flashy devices. However, many of the most impactful IoT advancements in the years to come will likely be unnoticeable to the naked eye. At its core, IoT...

March 29, 2017  11:40 AM

Move your business in the right direction with geolocation mapping

Josh Marinacci Profile: Josh Marinacci
Beacon, geocode, geolocation, gps, Internet of Things, iot, IoT applications, map, Mapping, maps

The concept of mapping has undergone two great revolutions over the past 50 years. First, maps evolved from paper to digital. We gained the ability to query for directions from point A to point B, zoom in and out, and view live traffic reports to calculate estimated times of arrival. More...

December 7, 2016  3:46 PM

How IoT can power effective meetings

Daniel Jackson Profile: Daniel Jackson
Beacon, Employee engagement, Employee morale, Internet of Things, iot, meetings, Video conferencing

Today's global enterprises are investing in more group spaces and tools to give knowledge workers the environment they need to work in teams. But, providing the infrastructure alone isn't enough to ensure productive meetings. One-third of all meetings are considered unproductive -- that's alarming,...

November 9, 2016  2:25 PM

Why location is the language for logistics

Christian Lundquist Profile: Christian Lundquist
Beacon, Internet of Things, iot, Logistics, Manufacturing, Sensor

Without location data, the internet of things would be ... lost. Google Maps, Uber, wayfinding apps and other location-based services rely heavily on location data. But just as importantly, location is a vital and growing element within the industrial internet of things.

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