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June 4, 2018  3:58 PM

IoT device breaches: Consumers can help, but onus is on device vendors

Louis Creager Louis Creager Profile: Louis Creager
ARM, Consumer IoT, DDOS, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, IoT devices, iot security, security in IOT, standards, Updates

IoT device manufacturers have by and large flooded the market with web-connected products that have little or no security measures to speak of. There remains such a focus on usability, features and time-to-market (especially with the more ubiquitous lower-end devices) that there's a real threat to...

July 14, 2017  3:33 PM

IoT mergers and acquisitions update: 2017 year to date

James Turino Profile: James Turino
ARM, companies, company, Internet of Things, iot, Merger, Mergers, Mergers & Acquisitions, nokia

A significant decrease in deal activity in the first six months of 2017 is proving 2016 to be the record year in IoT mergers and acquisitions by a large margin (see chart below). So far...

November 17, 2016  3:23 PM

IoT and the mergers and acquisitions race for silicon

Gary Orenstein Gary Orenstein Profile: Gary Orenstein
ARM, Avago, Broadcom, Intel, Internet of Things, iot, M&A, nxp, Qualcomm, Semiconductor, semiconductors, Silicon

The internet of things is, as the name implies, a merging of bits and physical objects. Those objects represent a ripe destination for new types of silicon chips, prompting a wave of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the semiconductor market. The most recent news is the acquisition of NXP by...

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