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March 20, 2019  10:41 AM

Why are connected device risks more inherent with APIs?

Andrew Useckas Profile: Andrew Useckas
API, Application Programming Interface, Bluetooth, connected devices, Consumer IoT, Internet of Things, iot, IoT devices, iot security, IoT wireless, Wi-Fi

I recently purchased a Bluetooth speaker. All the prior Bluetooth speakers I owned had two connectivity modes: pairing with phones or tablets via Bluetooth, or physically plugging in an Aux cable. This model of Bluetooth speaker was different -- it demanded a Wi-Fi connection. I was curious and...

January 28, 2019  11:41 AM

Navigating the IoT security minefield: API security

Andrew Useckas Profile: Andrew Useckas
API, Application Programming Interface, Authentication, Authorization, Encryption, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, securing IoT, TLS, tokens, UI

The rapid growth of the internet of things has seen a subsequent rise in the adoption of APIs. In IoT, most devices communicate to the cloud via RESTful API calls as they are ideal for physical device communication....

May 15, 2018  2:51 PM

The next cloud battle is here and it is at the edge

Anoop Dawar Profile: Anoop Dawar
API, Cloud Computing, Edge computing, Fabric, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, Security

More than a decade ago, Amazon Web Services was launched as a system that offered flexible compute instances. There are a lot of stories about the formation of AWS; some say that Amazon originally created AWS so that sellers on its marketplace wouldn't have to deal with the IT burdens of setting up...

June 26, 2017  1:54 PM

Transform IoT customer experiences through API management

Suraj Kumar Profile: Suraj Kumar
API, API management, APIs, Consumer IoT, Customer satisfaction, Internet of Things, iot, IoT analytics

As technology continues to transform the customer experience and customer expectations consistently rise, enterprises must take necessary steps to differentiate their products and services to deliver on these expectations. In the age of the digital customer, enterprises are constantly moving from...

May 4, 2017  3:27 PM

Minimizing IoT security casualties through API management

Suraj Kumar Profile: Suraj Kumar
API, API management, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, Version Managment

It's no secret that the adoption of IoT is rapidly growing across industries. In my last post, I discussed IoT security strategies rooted in blockchain, an...

December 13, 2016  10:27 AM

2016 called, it wants its software spaghetti back

Ruben van der Zwan Ruben van der Zwan Profile: Ruben van der Zwan
API, API management, Application Programming Interface, Container, Internet of Things, iot

Mobile! APIs! Tesla! Oops. I just gave away the outline of this entire article. Do not stop reading, though. Many people (like, a lot) ramble on about the importance of software integration, mobile friendliness, and application program...

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November 9, 2016  10:35 AM

Four building blocks your IoT projects need

Javier Munoz Profile: Javier Munoz
API, Applications, Communications, Internet of Things, iot, platform, Sensor

Building complete and functional IoT projects can be a puzzle full of surprises if you are not aware of all the building pieces that must be taken into account. The IoT market offers a wide range of technologies, products and applications. All these options are confusing when you face the design...

August 25, 2016  10:20 AM

Cellular connectivity as a new old feature for IoT

Karina Popova Profile: Karina Popova
API, cloud, GSM, Internet of Things, iot, Mobile, Mobile connectivity, sim cards

The internet of things is about converting the objects that surround us every day into a community of information. IoT devices turn billions of objects into data-generating "things" that can report on their status and...

July 27, 2016  10:38 AM

Choosing the right mobile connectivity provider for your IoT project

Karina Popova Profile: Karina Popova
API, GSM, Information security, Internet of Things, iot, M2M, Mobile, Mobile connectivity, SIM card, VPN

Talking to people who work on IoT projects that require

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