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Agile software development

October 31, 2017  10:48 AM

DevOps issues multiply in IoT environments

James Kirkland Profile: James Kirkland
Agile, Agile software development, Collaboration, DevOps, Internet of Things, iot, IoT applications, IT, IT staff, Operational technology, Software development, Waterfall

My high school freshman son has been pretty stressed out these past couple of weeks. Dealing with the pressures of multiple teachers giving assignments all due on the same day has been very frustrating. As I watched him tackling mounds of math homework, I considered similar struggles that happen...

November 18, 2016  10:52 AM

Three reasons to consider agile methodology for your IoT effort

Tony Paine Tony Paine Profile: Tony Paine
Agile development, Agile Methodologies, Agile software development, Internet of Things, iot

The internet of things is here, and has been for some time. Pacesetters in this industry recognized long ago that industrial sites contain valuable data sources that can be tapped to make intelligent decisions about operations. IDC even predicted earlier this year that manufacturing, energy and...

October 5, 2016  1:16 PM

Commercial IoT development: Agile or waterfall? Or both?

TJ Butler TJ Butler Profile: TJ Butler
Agile, Agile software development, Internet of Things, iot, Waterfall, Waterfall development

It doesn't take long working in the world of IoT to feel the pulse of the clock. From idea inception to implementation, there is a sense of urgency to move fast. Each tick is a reminder that the competition is working diligently to provision a patent first, get to market first or be the first to...

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