IoT Agenda:

August, 2019

August 30, 2019  9:54 AM

The engine driving IoT success in construction

Ian Ouellette Profile: Ian Ouellette
Internet of Things, iot, IoT adoption, IoT devices, IOT Network, IoT verticals

About 41.6 billion IoT devices are expected to be connected to the Internet by 2025, according to IDC, ensuring that IoT takes hold across industries, from healthcare and agriculture to energy and more. One of the key enablers of IoT devices -- and a critical factor in its long-term success --...

August 29, 2019  9:26 AM

How to make IoT data a performing asset

Tomer Shiran Profile: Tomer Shiran
Data Lakes, Internet of Things, iot, IoT analytics, IoT data, IoT data management, IoT devices

The amount of data that we produce is truly mind-boggling. This influx of data is generated by all of the connected devices that organizations and consumers use every day. By 2020, it’s predicted that there will be nearly 30.73 billion IoT connected devices. The data generated from IoT devices...

August 28, 2019  11:20 AM

Dead zones in cellular service take on renewed importance in IoT

Greg Najjar Profile: Greg Najjar
Internet of Things, iot, IoT connectivity, IOT Network, IoT sensors

Energy consumption is rapidly on the rise as global energy demands are expected to increase 37% by 2040. To meet this rising demand and to ensure efficient use of energy, utility companies are increasingly turning to IoT solutions, such as smart meters and sensors. These sensors automatically...

August 27, 2019  10:43 AM

The unseen killer of IoT devices

Cheryl Ajluni Profile: Cheryl Ajluni
Bandwidth testing, Internet of Things, iot, IoT deployment, IoT device makers, IoT devices, IOT Network

IoT is many things these days, but uncomplicated is not one of them. At every turn in the road, there are obstacles such as cyber threats, wireless signal interference and more. While many IoT device makers spend their time working to address these issues, they often fail to notice an equally...

August 26, 2019  2:23 PM

Insurers benefit from AI and IoT, and so do their customers

Marius Blaesing Profile: Marius Blaesing
Internet of Things, iot, IoT and AI, IoT data, IoT data management, IoT infrastructure, robotic process automation, RPA

Over the last two decades, technology has dramatically changed the way people interact with products and services. This trend towards digital systems that are available on demand in real-time is now also gaining importance in the insurance industry. Because of this, insurance companies must begin...

August 26, 2019  1:48 PM

Three rules for IoT and edge scaling

Jason Shepherd Profile: Jason Shepherd
Internet of Things, iot, IoT deployment, IoT edge, IoT edge computing, IoT infrastructure, IoT scalability

This is the fourth and final part of a four-part series. Start with the first post here. When it comes to IoT and edge, business case and stakeholder alignment  are the first...

August 23, 2019  11:15 AM

Grab the right IoT tool for the job

Richard Beeson Richard Beeson Profile: Richard Beeson
Internet of Things, iot, IoT analytics, IoT data, IoT data management

Do you grab just a Crescent adjustable wrench or two, or do you need to haul around an entire set of combination or open-end wrenches in both metric and imperial sizes? More topically in the world of IoT, what is the best tool for the job when it comes to

August 22, 2019  4:11 PM

How distributed ledger technology can serve megacities of the future

Christopher Justice Profile: Christopher Justice
distributed ledger technology, DLT, iot, IoT devices, IoT infrastructure, Smart cities, smart city

According to the United Nation's Economic and Social Affairs Department, one in eight of the world's population currently lives in 33 megacities -- cities with populations over 10 million -- with over half living in these and less populous cities. To improve the quality of life for all inhabitants,...

August 22, 2019  10:32 AM

How IoT and AI are fueling the autonomous enterprise of the future

Mike Leibovitz Profile: Mike Leibovitz
AI and IoT, Automation, Internet of Things, iot, IoT in retail, IoT verticals

IoT technology has reached critical mass. Today, there are more than 10 billion IoT devices in use around the world. Approximately 127 new devices are connected every second, according to PYMNTS' monthly Intelligence of Things Tracker report. That's more than 2,000 new connections since you started...

August 22, 2019  9:44 AM

The benefits and pitfalls of engaging in IoT research

Mitch Maimam Profile: Mitch Maimam
Internet of Things, iot, IoT deployment, IoT design, IoT development, research and development

While there are already many connected products in the marketplace, there remain many opportunities for developing new IoT products and technologies. The greatest challenge for companies looking to develop an IoT product is how to apply a R&D process that will result in viable commercial and...

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