IoT Agenda:

July, 2017

July 13, 2017  11:37 AM

Monetizing IoT: Show me the money

Juan Carlos Lazcano Profile: Juan Carlos Lazcano
apps monetization, Business model, Data monetization, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, monetisation

Most IoT technologies are not new. Sensors, switches, actuators, chips, communication protocols, storage and other core parts of IoT have been around for decades. In reality, IoT is a remix or mashup of many things that came before. What is new are lower costs, more intelligence, ubiquitous...

July 12, 2017  12:23 PM

Fighting pests with the internet of things

Arup Barat Profile: Arup Barat
Agriculture, farms, Internet of Things, iot, IoT applications, IoT hardware, Pest

I read an article on the rat problem recently. It detailed an innovative solution to fighting rats that spread disease and devastate our crops. Until now, the primary solution...

July 12, 2017  11:54 AM

IoT ecosystems: It’s time to live on the edge

Uday Davuluru Uday Davuluru Profile: Uday Davuluru
cloud, Edge computing, Internet of Things, iot, IOT Network

Most modern IoT ecosystems rely on a permanent connection with the internet. Devices constantly send and receive data to a data center somewhere in the cloud. The obvious benefit: Users can monitor and control their system at anytime from anywhere. The obvious disadvantage: In case of connection...

July 12, 2017  11:46 AM

Rise of the funnel cloud: When good clouds go bad

James Cabe James Cabe Profile: James Cabe
Automation, cloud, Cloud management, Cloud Security, Cloud Services, Consumer IoT, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, IoT applications, iot security, Public Cloud

What is a cloud, really? In the simplest terms, the cloud allows users to store and access data and programs on someone else's hardware, usually over the internet, rather than using their local device or network...

July 11, 2017  1:04 PM

A guardian AI to protect the world’s most powerful particle collider at CERN

Scott Amyx Scott Amyx Profile: Scott Amyx
ai, Artificial intelligence, CERN, cybersecurity, IIoT, Internet of Things, iot, Machine learning

The European research organization, CERN, is home to the world's largest particle physics laboratory and a computer network of equal magnitude. CERN's computer network facilitates thousands of scientists from around the globe in their study of the universe. The computer grid possesses extraordinary...

July 11, 2017  12:55 PM

Smart city innovation for small and medium-sized cities: Lessons learned

Ken Figueredo Profile: Ken Figueredo
Consumer IoT, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, IoT analytics, IoT applications, IoT data, Smart cities, smart city

Simple and intuitive interfaces have transformed the user experience in consumer technologies, raising consumer expectations for better applications and services. This dynamic applies just as much to the smart city context. Residents don't just expect better services, they also want greater...

July 11, 2017  11:56 AM

It’s time for fog/edge computing in the internet of things

Francisco Maroto Francisco Maroto Profile: Francisco Maroto
cloud, Edge computing, Enterprise IoT, fog computing, Industrial IoT, Internet of Things, iot security, Machine learning

The marketing team at Cisco introduced its fog computing vision in January 2014, also known as edge computing for other more...

July 10, 2017  4:22 PM

A word on words: How to communicate about security in IoT

Ted Harrington Profile: Ted Harrington
Internet of Things, iot, IoT devices, iot security, privacy, Security, security in IOT

Among the many security challenges facing the connected device industry, one of the most significant is a non-technical one: how to talk about security. As the scrutiny on and awareness of security continues to increase in the aftermath of the near daily headlines about security breaches, more and...

July 7, 2017  2:04 PM

LPWA: The first network technology designed for IoT

Philippe Guillemette Profile: Philippe Guillemette
Internet of Things, iot, IoT applications, IOT Network, LPWAN, networking standards, Wireless networking, wireless networks

When the idea of the internet of things first started gaining traction, the wireless network technologies that existed to support it were not designed with IoT in mind. These technologies -- primarily 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE cellular technologies, wireless local area network technologies such as Wi-Fi,...

July 7, 2017  1:56 PM

The road to the connected car: Applying lessons from enterprise IoT

Shaun Kirby Profile: Shaun Kirby
Connected car, Connected vehicles, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, Vehicle

It's been nearly two decades since Kevin Ashton of MIT's Auto-ID Center coined the term "internet of things, and the technology behind it has been around and evolving for even longer. Fast forward to today, and we are amidst the rise of the ultimate "thing" in IoT: the connected car. By 2021,

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