IoT Agenda:

June, 2017

June 20, 2017  2:01 PM

Smart city implementation: Get it right the first time

Cheryl Wiebe Profile: Cheryl Wiebe
City, Internet of Things, iot, IoT data, IoT sensors, smart city, Smart lighting, Smart meter, Wi-Fi

More efficient energy use, less traffic, self-reporting infrastructure issues -- there are many attractive factors luring mayors and city CIOs who want to make their cities smart. While smart cities are still in their infancy, continued grant money from the Department of Transportation and the...

June 19, 2017  3:10 PM

IoT’s IT wrinkle: Patching for decades to come

Jose Nazario Profile: Jose Nazario
Internet of Things, iot, iot security, Patch management, patching, security in IOT

Often attached to a physical system, IoT devices are positioned to become part of the long-term infrastructure of the world. In the home, beyond DVRs and network-attached cameras, this includes gas and water meters. In industry this includes manufacturing control systems. And in a city this might...

June 16, 2017  11:57 AM

Telematics: Making the case for data enrichment

Grant Salisbury Profile: Grant Salisbury
"Automotive industry", "car insurance", Data, Data Management, Efficiency, Internet of Things, iot, IoT analytics, IoT data, telematics

Any given minute of any given day, at least one of the objects you interact with is probably communicating data about you. Your smartphone is telling Apple or Google which apps you use most often. Your television is telling Netflix that you watch historical dramas more often than documentaries....

June 16, 2017  11:37 AM

Reinventing transportation with IoT integration

Andrew Morawski Profile: Andrew Morawski
Bike, Internet of Things, iot, railways, transportation

The beginning of the modern transportation era is often marked in 1908 with Henry Ford's creation of the assembly line, the Ford Model T and the boom of invention that it erupted shortly after. From this spark of innovation, the next 100 years would prove to be one of evolution for the way we get...

June 16, 2017  11:27 AM

Security and privacy standards for devices reach new maturity

Eve Maler Profile: Eve Maler
health IT standards, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, OpenID, privacy, security in IOT, standards

Security and privacy for IoT devices matter a lot -- but especially when a device controls an important function of the human body. Dependent on insulin or a pacemaker to keep things on track, or on electrical stim for pain reduction? There's a smart device for that, and there are personal health...

June 15, 2017  12:55 PM

Powering up assets and reinventing utility operations with analytics

Sujit Karpe Profile: Sujit Karpe
Analytics, Azure, Data Analytics, Internet of Things, iot, IoT analytics, Machine learning, utilities, Utility

Asset-intensive and field-force-driven utilities are taking a major shift with the advent of smart meters, sensors, intelligent devices and IoT-based systems. However, these enterprises are facing challenges in...

June 14, 2017  3:05 PM

How to architect the world’s most connected sports venues

Gal Oppenheimer Profile: Gal Oppenheimer
Connectivity, Consumer IoT, Data Management, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, IoT data, IOT Network, iPaaS, sport, sports, Vendor management, Wireless

With such a proliferation of new technologies today, building a connected space that will continue to be state of the art 25 years from now seems daunting. But by equipping venues with technology that can adapt and improve with each future technological advancement, it's a reality that venues will...

June 14, 2017  2:48 PM

For successful PLM, IoT and digital twins required

Sharon Shea Sharon Shea Profile: Sharon Shea
Internet of Things, iot, IoT data, lifecycle management, PLM, Product Lifecycle Management, PTC

"Let's be frank. In an industry that calls itself 'product lifecycle management,' nobody's done much lifecycle management," said Jim Heppelmenn, CEO at PTC, during his keynote at

June 14, 2017  2:23 PM

Plasma jet engines: The means to faster, cheaper and farther travel

Scott Amyx Scott Amyx Profile: Scott Amyx
energy, energy harvesting, engine, Fuel, IIoT, Internet of Things, iot, plasma

The conventional jet engine burns fuels and uses compressed air, hurling the result out the back and gaining propulsion. Plasma jet engines use electricity to generate an electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field is then used to compress a gas to such a degree that it turns into

June 13, 2017  3:49 PM

How IoT security is different from physical and conventional IT security

Gordon Haff Profile: Gordon Haff
Botnet, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, IT security, Physical security, Product Lifecycle Management, security in IOT, Software lifecycle

Does the phrase "internet of things" cause people to forget everything they ever knew about security? It sometimes seems so. Best practices like defense-in-depth and role-based access controls? Out the window once IoT enters the picture. That said, there are systematic differences that should make...

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