IoT Agenda:

January, 2017

January 31, 2017  2:38 PM

IoT testing 1, 2, 3… Is this algorithm working?

Manish Mistry Manish Mistry Profile: Manish Mistry
algorithm, Internet of Things, iot, IoT applications, Performance testing, Software testing

As momentum builds toward a ubiquitous, connected internet of things world, an array of new smart devices are marching to market, like so many Galactic Stormtroopers. Wi-Fi thermostats and video doorbells; Amazon Echo and Google Home; even remote-controlled window shades... all manner of nifty...

January 31, 2017  10:06 AM

CES 2017: IoT is dead?

Ryan Lester Profile: Ryan Lester
"Consumer Electronic Show", CES, Consumer IoT, Customer satisfaction, Internet of Things, iot

With CES 2017 behind us, I wanted to take some time to reflect on some of the big trends that came out of this year's show. Though hectic, walking around the show floor was both inspiring and motivating, as the products and technologies on display pushed boundaries and are helping to fuel...

January 30, 2017  2:16 PM

How manufacturers, service providers, consumers can improve IoT security

Jessica Groopman Jessica Groopman Profile: Jessica Groopman
Authentication, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, manufacturers, Passwords, Service providers

Security is one of the greatest threats facing any business today, and this threat is compounded for companies producing, supporting or leveraging connected devices. Data transmission between devices can drive tremendous efficiency increases, from supply chain automation to software updates, to...

January 27, 2017  2:22 PM

What’s leading IIoT transformation in 2017

Jason Cline Profile: Jason Cline
APM, Asset management, IIoT, Industrial IoT, Internet of Things, iot, iot security

The rise of data has led to a different kind of decision-making for industrial professionals. IDC predicts that by 2020 the data derived from connected devices will reach 44

January 27, 2017  12:06 PM

IoT companies must prioritize cybersecurity

Rick Spickelmier Profile: Rick Spickelmier
Cloud Security, Data-security, Information security, Internet of Things, iot, iot security

As we move into a more connected, always-on world, the cybersecurity stakes keep getting higher. It is estimated that there will be more than 50 billion connected devices in the world by 2020, including everything from pacemakers and insulin pumps to self-driving cars and wheelchairs to smart...

January 26, 2017  4:06 PM

Are you protecting your SMB customers? Securing the internet of things

Cara Sloman Profile: Cara Sloman
Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, SMB, SMB security

Much of the national conversation about the internet of things has centered around connected consumer devices such as watches, cars and thermostats. Businesses don't think about the cybersecurity settings of their photocopiers, yet 2016's Mirai malware used hundreds of thousands of IoT devices to...

January 26, 2017  2:45 PM

What to expect when you’re expecting value from IoT

James Branigan Profile: James Branigan
Enterprise IoT, Industrial IoT, Internet of Things, iot, IoT applications

Industrial IoT projects are conceived inside enterprises every day under a variety of circumstances. The CEO attends a conference. A competitor releases a connected product. An engineering team sees the future. Operations wants to reduce costs. The marketing department seeks new revenue. Customers...

January 26, 2017  11:29 AM

Secure connectivity for the internet of things

Michael Tennefoss Profile: Michael Tennefoss
Application security, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, Machine learning, Network security, predictive modeling

In a provocative 2015 report, Gartner analysts Karamouzis, Jivan and Notardonato discussed the disruptive nature of smart machines, cognitive technologies and algorithmic business models. By classifying content, finding patterns and extrapolating generalizations from those patterns, these...

January 25, 2017  2:05 PM

ISDN switch-off 2018: IoT as a suitable alternative

Karina Popova Profile: Karina Popova
Data transmission, Internet of Things, iot, IP technology, IP telephony, ISDN, M2M, Mobile communication, PPP, retailers, SIM card, SIP, telephone, Voice calls, VoIP, VPN Tunnel

The ISDN technology switch-off is inevitable. And currently there is a need to find an appropriate alternative. All-IP is a rather perspective substitute. VoIP is a stable and cost-effective alternative in telephone industry. Though mobile communication should also be considered. Especially when...

January 25, 2017  11:14 AM

More killer apps for industrial IoT

Dave McCarthy Profile: Dave McCarthy
Consumer IoT, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, IoT applications

The killer app is a powerful concept. It is the vehicle for driving adoption of any new technology -- and IoT, especially industrial IoT, needs that catalyst. In many ways, it shines a light on the differences between consumer and business-oriented IoT.

Consumer vs. industrial IoT

On the...

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