IoT Agenda:

December, 2016

December 12, 2016  2:51 PM

The IoT hype cycle: Getting up to speed with monetization

Michael Beamer Profile: Michael Beamer
apps monetization, Data monetization, IIoT, Internet of Things, iot, ROI

It's been a busy year in the world of the internet of things. Gartner predicts there will be four billion new connected "things" in the consumer sector by the end of this year, and IoT Business News estimates we will see around 400 million IoT devices with cellular connections within the same...

December 12, 2016  2:23 PM

Failure to implement adequate IoT security framework threatens internet

Keith O'Byrne Profile: Keith O'Byrne
Botnet, DDOS, Denial of Service, Internet of Things, iot security

In 1978, NASA scientist Donald J. Kessler proposed a theory about what could happen when the number of objects in low earth orbit reached a certain high density. Once that threshold was reached, he posited that collisions between those objects would be inevitable. Even a chip of paint could be...

December 12, 2016  1:49 PM

Commercial buildings and IoT: The evolution of experience

Himanshu Khurana Profile: Himanshu Khurana
Employee performance, Internet of Things, iot, Smart Building

Think a building stands to do nothing more than shield you from the elements, and house a collection of things and people? Think again. Technology advancements are revolutionizing how we interact with everything, including buildings, and the experiences we're able to have as a result. The...

December 9, 2016  10:09 AM

IoT for industries: Operating at the edge

Tom Bradicich Tom Bradicich Profile: Tom Bradicich
Edge computing, IIoT, Internet of Things, iot, Manufacturing

Smarter and smarter things are happening in places that are not within the confines of IT data centers or clouds. There's action out at the "edge." The edge can be a manufacturing floor, smart city, smart building,...

December 8, 2016  11:41 AM

Artificial intelligence disruptions in healthcare

Sudha Jamthe Sudha Jamthe Profile: Sudha Jamthe
ai, Artificial intelligence, Deep learning, Drones, Healthcare, Internet of Things, iot, Machine learning, ROBOTS

When you visited the doctor the last time, do you remember meeting her AI helper? No, I don't remember either. But guess what, artificial intelligence (AI) is looking at our biometrics and combing through millions of past patient history and medical research papers to make predictions about our...

December 7, 2016  3:46 PM

How IoT can power effective meetings

Daniel Jackson Profile: Daniel Jackson
Beacon, Employee engagement, Employee morale, Internet of Things, iot, meetings, Video conferencing

Today's global enterprises are investing in more group spaces and tools to give knowledge workers the environment they need to work in teams. But, providing the infrastructure alone isn't enough to ensure productive meetings. One-third of all meetings are considered unproductive -- that's alarming,...

December 7, 2016  3:45 PM

With safety and surveillance under its belt, video tackles insight

Darrin Lipscomb Profile: Darrin Lipscomb
Data Analytics, Internet of Things, iot, Video, Video Analysis Software, Video surveillance

Whether in airports or bank vaults, warehouses or showrooms, most organizations strive to safeguard their people and property by monitoring with video cameras. Approximately 60% of Fortune 250 companies use video as part of their corporate security strategy. In the early days, video meant

December 6, 2016  1:05 PM

How to handle security fatigue in IoT

Mike Milner Profile: Mike Milner
cybersecurity, DDOS, Internet of Things, iot, iot security, Transparency

As our lives continue to become more virtual, people have become inundated with messages to constantly keep up with securing their cyber-profiles, from changing passwords regularly and never using the same one twice, to setting up multiple-step verification for online accounts. However because of...

December 6, 2016  1:03 PM

Smart sensors: The complete version

Itamar Roth Profile: Itamar Roth
Internet of Things, iot, IoT sensors, Sensor, Sensor data, Sensors, Smart Building, smart city, Smart sensors

The real breakthrough of the internet of things is the quantity and quality of actionable information that is used for creating value. This explains the crucial role of sensors in IoT: they are the gatherers and the gatekeepers of this actionable input data. Getting sensors to be truly smart,...

December 5, 2016  3:22 PM

The promise of the smart workplace and why it’s ready to deliver

Kaynam Hedayat Profile: Kaynam Hedayat
Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things, iot, Sensor data, Sensors, Workplace

Let's face it -- the hype surrounding the internet of things and how it would magically transform your home into an oasis of seamless automation hasn't exactly delivered. Consumer products like Google's Nest and Amazon's Echo have yet to fully live up to the promise of the

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