IoT Agenda:

May, 2016

May 31, 2016  1:27 PM

How to stop our smart homes from turning against us

Art Swift Profile: Art Swift
Internet of Things, iot, iot security, smart home

The Internet of Things is transforming our homes into data centers before our very eyes. Yet unlike in the data center, we don’t have IT professionals on call to manage, patch and secure these systems. Already in 2016, there are reports of LG Smart TVs

May 25, 2016  8:43 PM

Wall Street blockchain success shows promise for IoT

Earl Crane Profile: Earl Crane
Blockchain, Internet of Things, iot

The cryptographic wonder behind Bitcoin and other virtual currencies is about to bring its power to the Internet of Things. That technology -- called blockchain -- enables a non-repudiateable transfer of value between individuals or organizations...

May 25, 2016  8:39 PM

Flash makes IoT analytics descriptive, predictive, prescriptive

Chris Marsh Profile: Chris Marsh
Data Analytics, Flash, flash storage, Internet of Things, iot

The Internet of Things has brought promises of industry transformation through the collection and analysis of vast quantities of data to improve the interrelated computing devices, machines, objects, animals and people. To undertake this grand connectivity scheme, cloud-based services are starting...

May 24, 2016  12:22 PM

Blockchain: Defender of the ‘Internet of Things’

Tiana Laurence Tiana Laurence Profile: Tiana Laurence
Blockchain, Internet of Things, iot, iot security

The "Internet of Things" is here and has more data on you than you may know. The significant cultural and technological shift of this deep embedment into our lives, bodies, homes and almost everything else we touch has allowed for efficiency, flexibility and convenience with our day-to-day lives....

May 19, 2016  10:52 AM

Smarter IoT applications incorporate machine learning

Deepak Puri Profile: Deepak Puri
AWS, Azure, IBM Watson, iot, Machine learning, prototype, Splunk

Data overload! Many IoT applications generate so much data that it isn't humanly possible to analyze and act upon it in time. Data scientists analyze mountains of data to identify patterns and define rules on how the IoT system should respond. Things change though, and new factors emerge which...

May 18, 2016  9:56 AM

IoT in Logistics: Barriers to collaboration

Subhash Chowdary Subhash Chowdary Profile: Subhash Chowdary
Internet of Things, iot, Logistics

What are the barriers to collaboration? This question was a response from Mr. Jim Katzenberger to my previous IoT in Logistics blog. Keeping in mind the context is IoT in Logistics,...

May 17, 2016  9:10 AM

Will blockchain make the leap from cryptocurrency to smart machines?

Jeremy Green Profile: Jeremy Green
Blockchain, Internet of Things, iot

Perhaps as recently as the beginning of this year, most people who had heard of blockchains (or the Blockchain -- the difference is important but rarely explained) thought of it as something to do with "private" transactions of a sort that needed to be hidden from the eyes of the authorities. A few...

May 12, 2016  9:42 AM

Expanding home energy management programs

Tom Kerber Tom Kerber Profile: Tom Kerber
energy, smart home

Parks Associates research reports 62% of U.S. broadband households strongly believe that saving energy and lowering utility bills are important, and 30% strongly believe that being "green" is important. However, low consumer...

May 11, 2016  10:03 AM

Hitachi remixes, launches IoT Insight Group

Sharon Shea Sharon Shea Profile: Sharon Shea
Hitachi, Internet of Things, iot, platforms, Service delivery platform

Hitachi Ltd. is a bigger IoT player than one may think. And now the company is positioning itself to make a much bigger blip on the Industrial IoT radar. The Tokyo-based conglomerate announced the creation of Hitachi Insight Group, a unit focused on Internet of Things initiatives, alongside the...

May 5, 2016  12:50 PM

Your business needs to leverage its big data now

Jonathan Ring Profile: Jonathan Ring
Big Data, Data storage, Internet of Things, iot, Object storage

Big data is everywhere. From cloud-connected cars to smart factories to emergency response simulations, it has become an essential tool for governments and businesses. According to IBM,

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