IoT Agenda:

March, 2016

March 29, 2016  8:51 AM

Who owns the IoT data?

Don DeLoach Don DeLoach Profile: Don DeLoach
Data Management, Internet of Things, iot

What were your first thoughts about IoT? Did you even call it IoT? In most cases, connected devices were around long before people were paying attention to them. From early version factory floor...

March 25, 2016  9:38 AM

Consumer privacy and security concerns for connected devices

Brad Russell Brad Russell Profile: Brad Russell
Internet of Things, iot

A number of factors influence consumer perspectives on privacy and data, and concerns vary for any particular brand or product...

March 24, 2016  8:10 AM

Internet of Things: Food grows locally with a tech assist

John Moore John Moore Profile: John Moore
Agriculture, Amazon, iot, Mobile, Sensors

The Internet of Things, food quality and food safety take on another dimension at 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

March 22, 2016  5:35 PM

IoT meets pharmaceutical logistics

Robert Richardson Robert Richardson Profile: Robert Richardson
Connected Health, Internet of Things, iot

The era of the "connected refrigerator" may have arrived, but Mark Roemers, co-founder of Netherlands-based AntTail, has simply given up on consumer refrigerators, smart or otherwise. They don't cool evenly, with a dozen or more degrees Fahrenheit temperature difference between storage in the door...

March 22, 2016  2:38 PM

Challenges shifting IoT spending

Jonah Kowall Profile: Jonah Kowall
Internet of Things, iot, It spending

With this post, I am pleased to join TechTarget IoT Agenda as a contributor; I hope to post to the community monthly. My background is in IT operations as a practitioner for 17 years, then moving to an analyst role at Gartner for three years. Currently, I’m helping to drive vision,...

March 18, 2016  10:33 AM

A world with more IoT standards bodies than IoT standards

Terry Hughes Profile: Terry Hughes
Internet of Things, iot, standards

As a vendor in the Internet of Things, we recently decided to research and evaluate whether to join a standards committee to begin influencing how tomorrow's IoT standards get defined. What an eye-opener....

March 17, 2016  9:13 AM

The future of IoT

Scott Amyx Scott Amyx Profile: Scott Amyx
ai, Data sharing, Internet of Things, iot, Machine learning

"Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future." - Niels Bohr While it may be difficult to envision the exact details of our world in the next decade, current trends and developments in technology can inform our vision of the future of IoT. Sans a technological...

March 16, 2016  9:38 AM

Emergence of low-power IoT networks: The second wireless revolution

Aapo Markkanen Aapo Markkanen Profile: Aapo Markkanen
Internet of Things, iot, wireless networks

One of the many shock waves that the Internet of Things has set in motion across different...

March 15, 2016  10:09 AM

Interoperability: A key barrier to connected home adoption

Harry Wang Harry Wang Profile: Harry Wang
Internet of Things, iot

The objective of the connected home experience is to enhance the lifestyle of the consumer, delivering an anytime, anywhere, borderless lifestyle where all devices work together whether the applications are entertainment, home control or energy management. The connected home makes it easier and...

March 10, 2016  6:42 AM

Key steps to stress test your enterprise innovation

Scott Amyx Scott Amyx Profile: Scott Amyx
Internet of Things, iot

Larry Prusak noted that "the only thing that gives an organization a competitive edge, the only thing that is sustainable, is what it knows, how it uses what it knows, and how fast it can know something." Information is foundational to business success, but understanding that data -- and acting...

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