IoT Agenda:

January, 2016

January 28, 2016  7:03 AM

Medtech must consider medical wearables

Scott Amyx Scott Amyx Profile: Scott Amyx
Connected Health, Internet of Things, iot

With more than 75% of healthcare costs linked to chronic conditions, it's easy to apprehend the upside potential of the medtech market. Wearables have typically been associated with consumer-focused...

January 26, 2016  1:52 PM

Elluminance aims to solve Industrial IoT big data challenges

Sharon Shea Sharon Shea Profile: Sharon Shea
Internet of Things, iot

Big data for the Industrial Internet of Things is far different from big data for the Internet of Things, namely because what takes seconds -- or more -- must now take microseconds or less. To overcome the time constraints associated with Industrial IoT and provide real-time monitoring,...

January 21, 2016  9:32 AM

IoT enhances customer engagement for brands and marketers

Scott Amyx Scott Amyx Profile: Scott Amyx
Customer engagement, Internet of Things, iot

Consumer data is collected largely through tools like online metrics and surveys, but it is difficult to effectively gather information about customer engagement offline. Hard metrics on real emotional brand engagement have not been readily available for advertisers and marketers -- until now.

January 14, 2016  4:20 PM

Haute IoT: Smart garments and e-textiles

Scott Amyx Scott Amyx Profile: Scott Amyx
Internet of Things, iot, smart home

Smart garments and e-textiles (which meld traditional fabrics with cutting-edge technology) are altering the landscape of fashion, apparel, retail and furnishing sectors. While the methods for incorporating the technology vary (for example, placing sensors into a compression shirt or weaving...

January 7, 2016  7:15 PM

Future behemoths of the IoT

Robert Richardson Robert Richardson Profile: Robert Richardson
Internet of Things, iot

My colleague Jon Brown, vice president of market intelligence here at TechTarget, posed an interesting question the other day. What was the billion-dollar breakthrough business enabled by the Internet of Things? After all, he pointed out, other technology revolutions have produced enormous,...

January 4, 2016  5:18 PM

But Bruce, Philips hews to open standard Hue

Robert Richardson Robert Richardson Profile: Robert Richardson
Internet of Things, iot, Philips

Noted cryptographer and security expert Bruce Schneier published an opinion piece in the Atlantic Monthly across the Christmas holiday, meaning it probably was largely overlooked. Which may be just as well, because he got it (uncharacteristically, to be fair) wrong. Actually, his main...

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