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January 10, 2013  5:05 PM

CES 2013 HANDS ON: Huawei Windows 8 phone and giant phablet

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Android, CES, Huawei, Phablet, Windows 8

Huawei launched a few devices at CES in Las Vegas this week, while none of them were confirmed with regions, dates or prices, two smartphones, which are expected to ship to China and then worldwide, caught my eye.

The Ascend Mate - giant phablet...

January 10, 2013  2:16 AM

CES 2013 HANDS ON: Panasonic’s demonstration of its 4K 20-inch tablet prototype

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20-inch, CES, lenovo, Panasonic, Windows 8

At CES in Las Vegas this week, Panasonic unveiled a tablet to be added to CES's growing category of super-size screens.

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January 10, 2013  1:40 AM

CES 2013 HANDS ON: Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 and Toughpad JT-B1

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Android, Enterprise, Panasonic, tablet computer, Toughpad, Windows 8

This week at CES in Las Vegas, Panasonic added to its line of rugged Toughpad tablets with the Windows 8 Pro 10.1-inch FZ-G1 and the Android 7-inch JT-BI.

Since 1996 Panasonic has been producing mobile computers for the mobile workforce who need to...

January 9, 2013  2:48 AM

CES 2013 HANDS ON: Samsung Series 7 Touch Monitor SC770

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CES, MONITOR, samsung, touchscreen, Windows 8

Samsung has introduced a full HD touch display monitor for Windows 8 PCs, which supports up to ten fingers of simultaneous touch.

January 9, 2013  2:24 AM

CES 2013 HANDS ON: Samsung Series 7 Chronos

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1080p, CES, Chronos, samsung, ultrabook, Windows 8

I got my hands on the beautiful premium Chronos laptop today at CES. The SuperBright 15.6-inch full HD touchscreen display almost glistened, it was so crystal clear. I'd taken a quick look at the lower end non-touch screen 1366 x 768 resolution version...

January 7, 2013  5:35 PM

CES 2013: HP launches new Sleekbooks, IPS monitor and a portable storage device

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MONITOR, streaming, Windows 8

It's going to be a busy week for hardware, gadgets and gizmos, and HP isn't intending on missing out on the launches.

The company has launched new notebook PCs, an IPS monitor with Beat Audio and a portable media storage device.

January 7, 2013  3:18 AM

CES 2013: Lenovo product launches at CES: ThinkPad Helix hybrid device and a Mobile Touch Monitor

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Helix, lenovo, MONITOR, Thinkpad, Windows 8, Wireless

Lenovo have been busy, along with the launch of a 27-inch multiuser table PC, the Horizon, the...

January 7, 2013  2:52 AM

CES 2013: “Honey I blew up the PC” – Lenovo launches 27-inch Horizon Table PC

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Aura, Horizon, lenovo, Sony, Windows 8

While some hardware companies are shrinking tablets from 10 to 7-inches, some on the other hand are blowing up computing hardware to become all-in-one devices at the 20-inch plus range.

Larger than

November 16, 2012  12:26 PM

Trends for CES 2013

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Android, CES, Christmas, consumer, gadgets, London, Mobile, Tablets, Windows 8

Trends were set for the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 yesterday, mainly centred around a lot of shiny, flat, black devices also known as tablets.

At a press conference in London, "tantalising teasers" of the upcoming Las Vegas...

November 9, 2012  10:04 AM

Fujitsu targets enterprise with the Q572 and the Q702 tablet range

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
Fujitsu, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, Tablets, Windows, Windows 8

Windows 8 with its intuitive touch interface was launched at the end of October and analysts are predicting that this operating system may

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