August 6, 2010  7:44 AM

TomTom’s alive! Satnav is blessed

edoyle Profile: edoyle
Blessed, celebrity, satnav, TomTom, voice

If you've ever found yourself saying "That blessed satnav is doing my head in", you're worst fears are going to be realised. The shouty, beardy man himself, Brian Blessed, is being recorded by TomTom as its latest celebrity satnav turn.

Brian Blessed.jpg

March 31, 2010  2:05 PM

TomTom boosts entry level Start range

edoyle Profile: edoyle
low-cost, satnav, start, TomTom

TomTom is adding advanced features to its entry-level satnav models. Users of the TomTom Start2 (£119) will now be told which lanes to be in at complex junctions. Additionally, street names will be...

March 31, 2009  9:39 AM

Microsoft and TomTom navigate to agreement over Linux

falani Profile: falani
Linux, Microsoft, TomTom

Microsoft and TomTom have settled for an undisclosed amount after the giant claimed that TomTom's use of Linux violated its FAT filesystem patent.

TomTom has agreed to allow Microsoft use of four of its navigation patents for free as well as the removal of some functionality in its PNDs...

March 20, 2009  5:08 PM

TomTom turnaround

edoyle Profile: edoyle
Linux, litigation, Microsoft, Patents, TomTom

Rather than bowing down before the financial might of Microsoft, TomTom is fighting back with a counter-suit. According to Microsoft, the Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation company is...

March 19, 2009  11:38 PM

TomTom’s birthday blues

edoyle Profile: edoyle
birthday, Linux, litigation, Microsoft, Patents, TomTom

Tomtom 5.jpgNavigation specialist TomTom is celebrating its...

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