May 27, 2010  3:30 PM

Euro nannies and audio ninnies

edoyle Profile: edoyle
Mp3, Music, solution, Volume

Sansa clip+I had occasion to upgrade the operating system on my MP3 player, a Sansa...

December 23, 2009  11:21 AM

Review: Shuffle off Apple you’ve been Clipped

edoyle Profile: edoyle
Apple, Clip, iPod, Mp3, SanDisk, Sansa, Shuffle

SanDisk's Sansa Clip+ competes with Apple's iPod Shuffle in the miniature MP3 player arena. It's an unfair battle because the Shuffle has the magical iPod tag even though the Clip+ is the most impressive of all SanDisk's personal entertainment range. In this review we'll...

December 22, 2009  10:25 AM

The chair that rocks

edoyle Profile: edoyle
chair, console, inflatable, Mp3

Christmas is just a couple of days away and, weather permitting, my nephew will be well on his way to DisneyWorld to play on his Nintendo DSi in sunnier climes. So now I can reveal my masterplan behind his Christmas present.

MP3 chair (300 x...</p>
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April 14, 2009  10:20 AM

Hear the Killers the way the Killers hear the Killers

edoyle Profile: edoyle
earphones, Logitech, Mp3

With the release of Ultimate Ears 700 earphones, Logitech is cashing in on its investment in the company that makes noise excluding earphones for rock stars like the Killers, Green Day and Fall Out Boy. Ultimate Ears, acquired by Logitech last year, claims that it produces customised on-stage...

April 1, 2009  12:00 AM

Broadside for MP3 pirates may kill indie labels

edoyle Profile: edoyle
BS3, Mp3, Music, payload, Piracy, protection, SILFOR

skull & bones.jpgThe music industry has been...

March 31, 2009  9:23 AM

Free, legal mp3 download wars – First Spotify and now Google

falani Profile: falani
downloads, Google, Mp3, Spotify

Google has launched an ad-based MP3 download service in China which looks like it will soon compete with Spotify, Baidu (the leading Chinese search engine for websites, audio files, and images) and, more...

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