June 1, 2010  3:38 PM

Video: I heart iPad – Dating website matches man to iPad

falani Profile: falani
app, Apple, ipad

Here is a video of a man that met his gadget through the Computer Weekly Dating service (note this service doesn't actually exist... yet).

Here he describes how and why he was taken by the 'one button wonder' and what they get up to in their spare time.

May 27, 2010  2:18 PM

The Acer Stream smartphone rivals Nexus One

falani Profile: falani

acer_stream_android_phone.jpgAcer have announced that they will release a smartphone called...

May 25, 2010  5:35 PM

Apple iPad review: Steve Jobs is a Flashist!

falani Profile: falani
Apple, ipad, Video

ipad.jpgApple unveiled the iPad on 27 January, and though most people knew it was coming, few were...

May 10, 2010  3:19 PM

Vodafone announce (expensive) data plans for the iPad

falani Profile: falani

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for ipad_herosml.png

May 7, 2010  3:11 PM

iPad Pricing – Hurrah! We can afford one!

khodge Profile: khodge

iPad pricing has gone live - and even if the economy goes back into a tailspin, as it most probably will given today's election result, you'll probably be able to afford one. You'll be able to pre-order online at the UK Apple Store from the 10th of May, with devices shipping from the 28th.

April 21, 2010  12:41 PM

iPhone is totty magnet, says survey (UPDATED)

khodge Profile: khodge

Update: According to TechCrunch, Phones4U denied issuing the press release containing the research data we gently lampoon here. It turns out the survey report was issued by...

April 21, 2010  10:56 AM

Apple’s iPhone 4.0 unveiled by Gizmodo

falani Profile: falani
Apple, iPhone, Video

500x_iphone1.jpgJust a quick post to point you in the direction of Gizmodo's iPhone 4.0 coverage, in case you...

April 14, 2010  4:36 PM

Video review: Samsung Wave – Beautiful screen but will it sink or swim?

falani Profile: falani

samsung-wave.jpgI have finally got to have a play around with the

April 14, 2010  2:23 PM

iPad release delayed in UK and Europe

khodge Profile: khodge

Apple just sent us a note about the iPad. We'll summarise: 

The iPad is great, lots of Americans want it. You have bad teeth and we don't care about your money as much, so you'll have to wait a bit longer. kthxbai. 

At least, that's kinda...

April 13, 2010  9:40 AM

Ten things I hate about iPods and why I won’t buy one

falani Profile: falani

3366855938_d9814382f1_m.jpgI've had a creative mp3 player for five years now. It's a bit of a brick...

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