October 7, 2010  8:30 AM

Orange and T-Mobile now share networks

khodge Profile: khodge
Mobile, Orange, T-Mobile

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October 6, 2010  1:04 PM

Left 4 Dead 2 debuts on Mac, for five quid!

khodge Profile: khodge
Apple, Games, Windows

Online PC game buying system Steam came out for the Mac back in May and, since then, Valve have steadily been porting their titles over to the platform, including lauded FPS fun fests Portal and Half Life...

October 6, 2010  11:30 AM

Skype comes to Android phones

khodge Profile: khodge

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October 6, 2010  11:11 AM

New Palm smartphone out next year, say HP

falani Profile: falani

palm-pre.gif"You will see us coming early next year with new phones," Senior HP Eric Cador said in Barcelona...

October 4, 2010  9:28 AM

The Next Tablet PC – Huh?

khodge Profile: khodge
Android, Tablet

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September 28, 2010  9:31 AM

Android, iPhone, Palm & Windows Mobile 7 Compared – The Ultimate Mobile OS Video Comparison

falani Profile: falani
Android, Apple, Google, google android, ios4, iPhone, Palm, webos, Windows 7, Windows Mobile

OS operating system war

Android, iPhone, Palm & Windows Mobile 7 Compared - Which...

August 31, 2010  11:09 AM

Review: Acer Liquid E – A bit wet.

falani Profile: falani

Acer Liquid EWe like: The look, the screen and the widgets.

We hate: No customised UI,...

August 10, 2010  9:00 AM

HTC have a new phone coming, dunno what it’s called

falani Profile: falani
Android, HTC

HTC Desire HD.jpgJust my luck that when I decide to invest my hard-earned money into a HTC Desire, a leak...

August 9, 2010  3:18 PM

HTC Schubert Windows Phone 7 flagship (should’ve called it the sherbet, Google would’ve)

falani Profile: falani
HTC, Windows 7, Windows Mobile

HTC Schubert.jpgSometimes I think these phone companies purposefully try to get news of their phones leaked....

August 4, 2010  8:45 AM

Android gains share in smartphone market

edoyle Profile: edoyle
Android, Apple, BlackBerry, iPhone, Microsoft, RIM, smartphone, Symbian, Windows Mobile

Smarts 2010.jpg

In the second quarter of this year, Symbian mobiles still held on to the lion's share of the Smartphone market but Androids...

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