December 27, 2012  10:36 AM

RIP: the death of the MP3 player

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
Apple, iPhone, iPod, iTunes, Mintel, Walkman

September 5, 2012  2:14 PM

Three’s Huawei MiFi (E5331) – £29 plus £15.99 per month for 5GB of data

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
Gartner, Huawei, Internet, ipad, iPod, MiFi, Three, USB, Wi-Fi

I am constantly adding devices to my life that are in need of fast connections to the internet in order to perform at their best. Gartner research stated that apparently we will carry an average of seven devices by 2015.

August 23, 2012  9:34 AM

Aiptek Mobile Cinema i5OS (RRP: £219)

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
Aiptek, App store, Apple, Facebook, ipad, iPhone, iPod, twitter, YouTube

MobileCinema.JPG 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

March 17, 2011  4:02 PM

Video: Zune To Be Gone? Microsoft look to axe iPod rival

mscott2 Profile: mscott2
iPod, Microsft, zune



There are a lot of; as yet,...

December 27, 2009  11:52 AM

A Decade of Gadgets 1: Music deconstruction

edoyle Profile: edoyle
2001, iPod, iTunes, Mp3 player

At the beginning of the decade, music players were rare and portable CD players or cassette players were still the big sellers. It was the appearance of the Apple iPod that changed this and now MP3 players have wiped out tape cassettes and mobile CD players.

The personal music...

December 23, 2009  11:21 AM

Review: Shuffle off Apple you’ve been Clipped

edoyle Profile: edoyle
Apple, Clip, iPod, Mp3, SanDisk, Sansa, Shuffle

SanDisk's Sansa Clip+ competes with Apple's iPod Shuffle in the miniature MP3 player arena. It's an unfair battle because the Shuffle has the magical iPod tag even though the Clip+ is the most impressive of all SanDisk's personal entertainment range. In this review we'll...

April 24, 2009  12:35 PM

Video: Kindle 2 and iPod shuffle act out Blade Runner

falani Profile: falani
iPod, Kindle, Shuffle, Video

This is so crazy it's brilliant. Using the Amazon Kindle 2 and iPod shuffle's text-to-speech capabilities this video shows them acting out Leon's VK test from Blade Runner.

April 23, 2009  9:19 AM

St George – inventor of the iPod

edoyle Profile: edoyle
Apple, inventor, iPod, Monicall

St George iflag.jpgIt's St George's Day, a day to...

April 12, 2009  2:48 AM

Armchair Easter Egg hunt

edoyle Profile: edoyle
Easter, Game, iPhone, iPod

It's Sunday and the kids want to drag you off to some lame Easter Egg hunt. For 59p you can download  a lame Easter egg hunt onto your iPod Touch or iPhone and let them fight over who has to play it. If they are young enough or have taken their daily drugs, they might just enjoy it. Its at...

April 10, 2009  11:27 AM

Your own personal Jesus

edoyle Profile: edoyle
engraving, iPod, Jesus

Easter is upon us. What do you think of? "Chocolate". Yes, what else? "Easter eggs". Yes, there's a theme forming. Apart from chocolate, what do you think of? "Bunnies". Anything else? jesus iPod.jpg

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