November 7, 2011  12:35 PM

Am I the only one amazed by gesture input? Watch out for Swype syndrome.

mscott2 Profile: mscott2
Android, HTC, iPhone, MOTOROLA, samsung, Sony

I am ashamed to say that, because I've only ever had iPhone handsets since their release in 2007 (go ahead and call me an 'Apple Fanboy'), I hadn't seen Swype or any other gesture input up until a month or so ago. 


October 24, 2011  10:38 AM

The HTC and Google story: A love affair and a tragedy

falani Profile: falani
Android, Google, HTC, MOTOROLA, samsung

This is the story of a man named Google and three women named HTC, Samsung and Motorola.

Originally, Google and HTC were just good friends as HTC moved into a big new city and wanted someone to show her around. Things were going well as she was finding her feet in the world of...

August 18, 2011  2:51 PM

Review: HTC Sensation. Sensational, superb or just standard?

mscott2 Profile: mscott2
Android, HTC, Sensation

Hopefully you'll have seen the review of the HTC Flyer I did a while back, well now I've got my hands on the

August 18, 2011  11:38 AM

HTC Vigor Named As First Beats By Dr Dre Handset, Possibly, Maybe?

mscott2 Profile: mscott2
Beats, HTC

Following HTC's announcement last week that they had bought a reasonably sized stake in Beats Electronics, the music technology firm fronted by super producer and rapper Dr Dre, it has now been reported that the Vigor will become the first smartphone to get the Beats treatment.

May 16, 2011  8:38 AM

Video review: HTC Incredible S – the S is for Speedy!

falani Profile: falani

HTC Incredible S 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

May 11, 2011  8:33 AM

Video review: HTC Desire S – the S is for superior! (to the old Desire)

falani Profile: falani
HTC, Video

htc-desire-s.jpg 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

December 7, 2010  5:01 PM

HTC HD7 – The best Windows Phone 7 phone but not the best on offer

falani Profile: falani

HTC HD7The HTC HD7 was the most anticipated

November 26, 2010  3:28 PM

HTC Desire HD video review: This phone is big and amazing!

falani Profile: falani

HTC Desire HDThe HTC Desire HD is a 4.3 inch beauty packed with Froyo 2.2 and HD.

When I...

November 1, 2010  12:09 PM

HTC Desire HD – the Year’s Best Smartphone?

khodge Profile: khodge
HTC, Mobile

I've been road testing the new HTC Desire HD - currently available on Three Mobile - for about a week and it's passed the ultimate litmus test for any five star review. I don't want to give it back. 

Pitched somewhere between...

August 10, 2010  9:00 AM

HTC have a new phone coming, dunno what it’s called

falani Profile: falani
Android, HTC

HTC Desire HD.jpgJust my luck that when I decide to invest my hard-earned money into a HTC Desire, a leak...

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