July 9, 2014  5:29 PM

Love your smartphone? Huawei thinks you could love it more

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
5G, Apple, Hardware, Huawei, innovation, Milan, samsung, smartphone

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February 11, 2014  4:42 PM

HANDS ON: Polycom HDX 4500

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
1080p, Display resolution, HDTV, lcd, Mac, MONITOR, PC, Polycom, Video conferencing

Earlier this month I took a look at the HDX 4500, a piece of conferencing equipment that doubles up as a desk monitor, so you can take part in several conference calls every day without ever having to leave your desk. 

This conferencing solution is perfect for...

December 18, 2013  10:27 AM

Christmas gadget gift: iStorage datAshur Secure USB Flash Drive REVIEW

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
Christmas, Hardware, Security, USB

Everyone has had that moment where they open their bag or desk drawer and their USB stick is gone. The sheer panic at the thought of all of those files let loose in the world is enough to make you feel sick. That is why the iStorage datAshur secure USB drive is such a good...

February 26, 2013  4:57 PM

Hands on with the Epson EB-1945W projector

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
Android, Business, Epson, HDMI, IOS, USB

The Epson EB-1945W projector sits in the mid-high end of Epson's fleet of products. This projector is targeted at larger meeting rooms, which sit 30-50 people, or university lecture theatres, as it has a maximum diagonal screen size of 280-inches.

January 7, 2013  3:18 AM

CES 2013: Lenovo product launches at CES: ThinkPad Helix hybrid device and a Mobile Touch Monitor

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
Helix, lenovo, MONITOR, Thinkpad, Windows 8, Wireless

Lenovo have been busy, along with the launch of a 27-inch multiuser table PC, the Horizon, the...

October 10, 2012  12:53 PM

Convertible devices from Lenovo

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
Ideapad, lenovo, Microsoft Windows, Thinkpad, Windows 8, Yoga

Lenovo have revealed a new fleet of convertible PC devices designed for use with Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT.

February 2, 2010  11:19 AM

Video: Sony X series laptop review – seXy but eXpensive

falani Profile: falani
Laptops, Sony, x-series

X_S08_B_Close.jpgThe Sony X series has a love it / hate it tag.It's jaw dropping beauty is enough for some...

December 28, 2009  1:12 PM

A Decade of Gadgets 2: LCD versus plasma screens

edoyle Profile: edoyle
lcd, MONITOR, plasma, television

Ten years ago an LCD monitor was an expensive luxury. Having an LCD or plasma television was the preserve of the sickeningly rich. From the turn of the century prices began to fall rapidly and screen sizes increased. By 2003, people were seriously considering 42in screens for their living rooms...

April 21, 2009  7:05 PM

Epson’s X-Desk

edoyle Profile: edoyle
Epson, Surface, X-Desk

Epson's launch of the X-Desk at The Gadget Show Live adds to the growing interest in Surface Computing. The commentary is in German but the demo speaks for itself in any language.

April 21, 2009  7:02 AM

The hordes descend on Gadget Show Live

edoyle Profile: edoyle
Epson, lg, Microsoft Surface, NEC, X-Desk

Gadget Show Entrance.JPGTO SEE MORE PHOTOS...

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