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January 6, 2011  2:34 PM

Video: Android 3.0 Honeycomb and Motorola Xoom show the future of Tablets

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Android, Google, google android

One of the stars of CES 2011 was, surprisingly, not any of the tablets or mobile phones on show but Google's Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS, which debuted on the Motorola Xoom.

Honeycomb is the latest version of Android, designed for...

September 28, 2010  9:31 AM

Android, iPhone, Palm & Windows Mobile 7 Compared – The Ultimate Mobile OS Video Comparison

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Android, Apple, Google, google android, ios4, iPhone, Palm, webos, Windows 7, Windows Mobile

OS operating system war

Android, iPhone, Palm & Windows Mobile 7 Compared - Which...

September 4, 2009  11:00 AM

Android Market update 1.6

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Google, google android

Google have revealed the changes that the Android Market update 1.6 will include with better user interface (UI) and new app sub-categories and support for Italian.

The UI is ok. Not that special but it's an improvement, I mean they've finally added screenshots and the descriptions are...

April 6, 2009  9:52 AM

T-mobile to ship Google Android tablet and home phone

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Google, google android

According to The New York Times, T-Mobile are to release a home phone and tablet in 2010 that will run on Google Android.

The New York Times says that the information is 'according to confidential documents obtained from one of the company's partners'.

The home phone 'will...

March 19, 2009  4:39 PM

Android Vs. iPhone – Which is better for you?

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Andriod, Apple, google android

This is just a quick post to point you into the direction of Lifehacker. They have written a brilliant comparison piece between Android and the iPhone.

Best part of it is the table that makes it clear what...

March 17, 2009  2:12 PM

Video: Cupcake update has weekly update, cupcake :)

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cupcake, google android, Update

A Google Android develper has put the latest build of the Cupcake update on his phone and is posting a weekly run-through every Sunday. Below is the first video.

From the video you can see live folders and the latest version of the software keyboard, .

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