April 22, 2017  11:15 AM

Testing times for virtual reality despite Sky’s Attenborough odyssey

DavidMcClelland David McClelland Profile: DavidMcClelland
bskyb, Facebook, Sky, Virtual Reality

Sir David Attenborough is to be digitised as part of an interactive virtual reality experience promising hands-on access to some of the rarest items from London’s Natural History Museum. But after a difficult launch year, is virtual reality itself destined to become little more than a...

September 16, 2014  1:39 PM

Android One – smartphones for consumers in emerging markets

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
Android, Facebook, Google, HTC, MediaTek

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May 9, 2014  6:17 PM

How virtual reality can be used to train fire service personnel

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
Facebook, G2G3, Oculus, simulation, Virtual Reality

When Facebook announced earlier this year its plans to buy Oculus VR, developers of gaming headset the Oculus Rift, many gaming companies...

January 16, 2013  4:52 PM

HANDS ON: Facebook Graph Search

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
bing, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, zuckerberg

Facebook launched its new social search function, called Graph Search, last night, and I have been lucky enough to try out the additions which...

August 23, 2012  9:34 AM

Aiptek Mobile Cinema i5OS (RRP: £219)

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
Aiptek, App store, Apple, Facebook, ipad, iPhone, iPod, twitter, YouTube

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June 13, 2012  11:50 AM

Unveiling of the Sony Xperia Miro brought forward by Facebook users

mscott2 Profile: mscott2
Facebook, Handset, MIRO, Sony, Xperia

Sony recently gave (what it called) "power to the people". 

Actually, what it really did was allow people to click a button bringing the launch date for a mystery handset forward a few seconds at a time. 

Granted I'm a miserable sceptic but...

May 19, 2011  10:59 PM

Review: The INQ Cloud Touch. Is the sky the limit?

mscott2 Profile: mscott2
Android, Facebook


The INQ Cloud Touch is the first INQ I have ever heard of, never...

December 31, 2009  10:27 PM

A Decade of Gadgets 5: The rise of social networks

edoyle Profile: edoyle
bebo, Facebook, MySpace, Social networks, twitter, YouTube

The phenomenon of social networking has grown alongside the proliferation of gadgets. It started to become popular as a desktop craze with the launch of MySpace in 2003. When Facebook joined battle with MySpace a year later, and to a lesser degree Bebo, social networking attracted a lot of...

August 12, 2009  9:57 AM

How to lose your job using Facebook in one easy step

falani Profile: falani

I don't really need to add anything to this picture. It's always a tricky when your boss requests friendship but if you do accept, either put them on your limited list or don't say something stupid like:

August 12, 2009  9:32 AM

Video: Facebook to launch Facebook Lite – It’s a bitter of a Twitter

falani Profile: falani

This is just a quick post to say that facebook is launching Facebook Lite.

So what is Facebook Lite? In a nut shell it's very similar to Twitter. You can see your status updates and your friends' updates.

And it has a left-hand navigation with four categories: Wall, Info,...

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