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January 21, 2015  1:42 PM

29 thoughts I had while trying to set up a new Windows 8.1 machine

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
Authentication, icloud, Two factor authentication

Everyone has their Achilles heel of technology, and although I've been very familiar with the Windows operating system until now,

February 13, 2014  3:31 PM

INFOGRAPHIC: The importance of communication

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
Cloud Computing, Communication, Infographic, Valentine

Valentine's Day is upon us, and as we text, email, PM, snapchat, IM and tweet our loved ones a special message, we realise the importance of communication in this technology-centric age. Many a relationship has failed due to lack of communication, and

January 31, 2014  11:13 AM

Huddle for Office – A new integrated experience

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
Cloud Computing, Collaboration, Huddle, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, office, Tibbr

It has been a busy year for Huddle, with its launch of the Huddle Note app for collaborative file sharing and its

December 10, 2013  2:13 PM

Huddle Note – File sharing for the future

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
Cloud Computing, Huddle, IOS, Microsoft Office

Huddle has launched a new app for enterprises to use as an alternative to Microsoft Office.

We've talked...

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November 29, 2013  2:12 PM

REVIEW: The iPad Air

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
Apple, BYOD, Christmas, eBuyer, icloud, IOS, ipad, iPhone, iTunes, Wi-Fi

A lot of people have complained that the new iPad Air isn't different enough from the previous iPads to justify the asking price. After using it though, I think that it's just different enough in all the right ways. 

It's thinner, lighter and slicker than...

November 12, 2013  5:14 PM

Stephen Fry explains the evolution of technology

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
cloud, Cloud Computing, Computing, Databarracks, E-commerce, Software

Databarracks has teamed up with Cognitive Media to produce this neat little animation describing the journey of mankind through the ages of technology. And who better to narrate such a video than gadget-man Stephen Fry.

October 23, 2013  4:44 PM

Apple announce new iPad Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro and free operating system

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
Apple, icloud, iLife, ipad, MacBook

There has been a recent rise in competition in the tablet market, including the new Nokia Windows tablet and Windows Surface 2. Analysts have also been speculating about the fall of desktop machines in favour of their portable counterparts, so it's not a big surprise that Apple has done its...

October 17, 2013  8:46 AM

Huddle partners with Tibbr to provide micro blogging for the enterprise

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
Cloud Computing, Huddle, social, Tibbr, TIBCO

Huddle and Tibbr have announced a strategic partnership to connect customers with each company's innovative cloud and social solutions.

This partnership will allow

March 22, 2013  2:23 PM

MobileNow: Next generation mobile device management

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
AppSense, IOS, ipad, MDM, mobile device management, SaaS

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November 7, 2012  3:02 PM

Fujitsu launches Eco Track to aid EU companies in complying with new energy law

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
Cloud Computing, European Union, Fujitsu, Green technology, Munich

Fujitsu has revealed a service to monitor a energy usage for businesses, which will be available to coincide with the upcoming Energy Efficiency Directive law.

The service, Eco Track, is a cloud-based software as a service (SAAS) offering which will monitor energy...

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