May 29, 2014  1:15 PM

Samsung Simband – The future of health technology?

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
BBC, SAMI, samsung, Simband

All this week we've been hearing reports on how the health crisis in the UK is growing ever more serious and although there have been positive initiatives launched to help...

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February 28, 2013  1:34 PM

SpaceTop 3D transparent computer unveiled at TED 2013

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
3D Printing, BBC, Microsoft, SpaceTop, TED

At TED 2013 in LA, a transparent computer has been revealed which could shake up the way we create and design.

A user sits in front of what looks like a traditional PC monitor, and place their hands...

February 12, 2013  10:08 AM

Luxury smartphone maker Vertu, chooses Android over Windows for its OS

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
Android, BBC, BlackBerry, Vertu, Windows, WIndows Phone

According to the BBC, exclusive smartphone maker, Vertu, has chosen Android over Windows for the operating system  on its new luxury smartphone costing almost £7,000.

The device comes with a...

October 9, 2012  11:34 AM

T3 Gadget Awards sees the iPhone 4S winning Work Gadget of the Year

CBaldwin Profile: CBaldwin
Apple, BBC, BlackBerry, BlackBerry Bold, iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, t3

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May 20, 2009  4:05 PM

BBC head calls for iPlayer charges

falani Profile: falani
BBC, iplayer

The BBC's director of Future Media and Technology, Erik Huggers told a Broadcasting Press Guild event yesterday that "if you are using the iPlayer you have to be a television licence fee payer,"  according to The Daily Mail.

He continued "I don't believe in a free ride. If you are...

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