September 9, 2009  6:43 PM

Live: iPod 64 GB announced at $399 as well as upgrades to shuffles

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Apple, apps

There will be a Special edition Nano that is stainless steel 4GB at $99.

The 64GB iPod was announced seconds ago at the Apple event. It will be 50% faster than the other iPods.

If you read my earlier post, this isn't a surprise as they had already reduced the prices on the...

September 9, 2009  6:18 PM

Live Apple Event: iPod and iPhone games (Assasins Creed 2)

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Apple, apps

We're now back onto the iPod. They're telling us how amazing the iPod and the iPod touches are.

20 million iPod touches sold to date and 30 million iPhones.

They've gone back to Genius again. You can just ask it to make a playlist for you and a mix. So basically it'll...

September 9, 2009  6:09 PM

Live Apple Event: iTunes 9, Genius mixes, Home sharing and iTunes LP

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Apple, apps

Steve Jobs is now talking about iTunes 9 that will go live today. It integrates Genius in that it will create a playlist by recommending music to you depending on music you've already downloaded.

The Genius mixes create playlists and act like a 'Radio station'.

August 14, 2009  9:30 AM

Video: The Nearest Subway app, useful but not for idiots

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Apple, apps

A new app has been released called 'Nearest Subway' which allows you to walk like an idiot. Let me explain, you get to look at your iPhone while walking through the street to allow it to lead you to a subway (or the tube for those of you in Blighty).

This video shows a woman walking...

August 5, 2009  3:10 PM

Video: I’m an iPhone and I’m an N97 – smartphone smackdown!

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Apple, apps, iPhone, n97, nokia

iPhone vs N97

Smartphones have taken us by storm and none more so than the iPhone. You can't walk through the street without someone bumping into you because their eyes are glued to their 3 and a half inches of technological wonder.

The main pluses are...

June 25, 2009  11:53 AM

Download iPhone Remote App for free

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Apple, apps

The Remote App on the iPhone 3.0 OS can now control your Apple TV using the touch screen, so you can use it as a sort of mouse pad and swipe to flick through menus.

April 23, 2009  5:04 PM

Video: Want to develop an iPhone app? Here are some tips

falani Profile: falani
apps, iPhone, Video

Earlier this week I was invited to attend TechCrunch's Geek n Rolla to see some impressive presentations on how to get your start up going in the tech world.

While I was there I managed to catch up with Jof Arnold, entrepreneur/web geek/prgrammer, and quizzed him about what it takes to...

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