January, 2009

January 29, 2009  4:12 PM

Acer mobile ready to take on the big boys

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Acer, Mobile, smartphone

Acer looks set to join the mobile bandwagon after we recieved a press release stating: Are you ready to join Acer's launch into the world of mobile communications?

Rumours had been circulating for a while but had died down over the last few months (especially after the

January 27, 2009  2:42 PM

Sony and Arsenal to trial live PSP streaming at the Emirates

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arsenal, emirates, psp, Sony

Being a Gooner and a gamer, I welcomed the news this week that Sony and Arsenal will trial a highlights service for people that own a PSP. 

The idea is you go to the game at the Emirates Stadium with your PSP in hand. Through a WiFi connection, you will be able to watch live...

January 23, 2009  11:39 AM

Apple netbook: larger than an iPhone smaller than a Macbook

falani Profile: falani
Apple, Netbook, Sony Vaio

I'm getting ready to buy a netbook. The question is: What do I want? The answer: A seven or nine inch iPhone-type Apple netbook.

I asked some friends what they thought...

January 22, 2009  12:23 PM

MSN vs Google rap battle!

falani Profile: falani

Ever wondered what MSN and Google would be like if they were real people with the ability to rap? Well, that dream becomes a reality in this video as they go head-to-head in a rap battle. This is underground rapping (similar to 8 mile) at it's best!!

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January 22, 2009  11:10 AM

Throw your iPhone off the train!

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Broken, iPhone, smash, thrown

Do you know what I hate? People showing off their iPhones and shoving them in my face while I'm on the train. Watching 'Friends' in one hand with their Starbucks coffee in the other (because they're so cool).

Or, even more annoying, playing games on it. Waving it around without a care...

January 21, 2009  11:18 AM

Video review of the wiimote like Gyration Air Mouse

falani Profile: falani

The Gyration Air Mouse was born from the Nintendo Wii remote. The idea is to be able to hold your mouse like you would a pointer. Why is this a good idea? In this video Faisal Alani, Content Editor, offers his opinion.




January 21, 2009  11:09 AM

Video review of the Dyal Swap watch

falani Profile: falani

A touch screen watch that you can use as a phone, mp3 player and a video player? That's what the Dyal Swap Watch promises and to a reasonable extent, delivers.

The Swap Watch is a 1.3 megapixel camera, a fully functional phone, and a music and video player (compatible with MP3, AAC and...

January 21, 2009  10:57 AM

Apple iPhone street view mapping inc in 2.2 update

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Apple, iPhone

Following the iPhone 2.2 upgrade, the video below shows the Street View feature which is quite impressive.

Google developed the mapping system by getting people to drive around the country with cameras on top of their cars. What is so great about it is not only can you view the...

January 20, 2009  4:35 PM

Quore WiBrain UMPC video review

falani Profile: falani

The Quore WiBrain weighs just over 500 grams and has the same components as a desktop PC: a 1.6 gigahertz processor, a 60Gb hard drive, Wifi and Bluetooth, a webcam and microphone for Skype and other communication programs and a resolution of 1024 X 600.


January 20, 2009  4:00 PM

Samsung MultiXpress CLX-8380ND all-in-one printer

falani Profile: falani
CLX-8380ND, MultiXpress, samsung

The Computer Weekly Content Editor, Faisal Alani, looks at what makes the Samsung MultiXpress CLX-8380ND the fastest A4 colour multi-functional device (MFD) in the market today.


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