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December 8, 2008  5:21 PM

HP iLo doesn’t Connect – Java Error

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

The specific error im talking about is this one… Operation timed out: connect

I noticed that alot of people blame the firmware revision 

Quite an easy fix after doing a little research, turns out I didnt forward port 23 (Telnet) to the IP Address of t he iLO.

Once i did this in the clients router, I could immediately connect to iLO

December 3, 2008  11:00 PM

Symantec Backup Exec – Backup to Disk Issue

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

By default a backup to disk folder is setup to have a maximum size for backup-to-disk files of 1GB and a maximum of 100 of these. Well what happens if you have a backup of say 265 GB’s? It will eventually have written 100, 1GB files, thus provoking backup exec to ask for another drive(which may confuse many)

What you do is you double check you Backup-to-Disk Folder Settings under the devices tab.

You will notice the points below

– Maximum size for backup-to-disk files was set to 1GB

– Maximum number of backup sets per backup-to-disk file was 100

Change them to these settings

– set Max size to 100GB (if NTFS; if Fat32 max size will only be 4GB; at which point I would set the max number of backup-to-disk files much higher)

– set Max number to 4

These settings will allow up to 400gb backups after compression, thats about 850gb of Data. Set the 2 above settings to whatever your system can handle, just make sure you account for enough space!

December 3, 2008  10:52 PM

You can teach a Young Pup an Old Dog’s Tricks!

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Well wouldn’t you know it, an old issue creeps up in Vista and it has the same resolution as before..

“The remote session was disconnected because the local computer’s client access license could not be upgraded or renewed. Please contact the server administrator.”

1 . Use the Registry Editor to navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\MSLicensing key on the Windows XP client.

2 . Delete the MSLicensing key.

3 . Close the Registry Editor.

It should now be fixed…

December 3, 2008  6:06 AM

Taking advantage of Roaming Profiles

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Well one thing about roaming profiles is that they can be used to deploy new workstations more efficiently . If done correctly and taking the proper precautions you can harness the power of the all mighty Roaming Profile!

When utilizing roaming profiles, you save the time of copying favorites, desktop icons, my documents, and outlook settings(usernames, account settings, and autofill settings)

So how I went about doing this on my latest desktop refresh was to enable roaming profiles for each user in Active Directory. MS Technet Article here.
Then I would goto each workstation and use a great free tool called ATF Cleaner (link here) I would clean out the profile, I usually leave the cookies, who knows if they have banking sites or passwords that they want saved!

Once the profile is free of the THOUSANDS of temporary files and temporary internet files, I log off their profile, then log back on again, a subsequent log off will enable the roaming profile. During this second log off the profile gets copied up to the server, the one thing I noticed, was with pop outlook accounts, the PST did not come over. Other then that when logging onto the new system the desktop icons, favorites, my documents, were all there. Everything was intact. Email was a snap, Outlook imported all the settings, created a new PST file(which i didn’t want) So all I did was rename the PST file created and pointed it to the old one(which was copied up to the server.)

Some custom applications were configured and away I went.

I am sure I must have saved at least an hour or work per workstation, you know how some people can be when it comes to new systems, they want everything they had before…

Roaming Profiles are also a good way to keep people from loosing important documents, because we all know, no matter how many times you tell people, they still like to avoid the server drive in favor of My Documents! Little do they know that we are backing up their files nightly 😉

Okay well after a 14 hour day of work I really need some sleep.

Thanks for reading!


November 27, 2008  3:31 AM


Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

What does it stand for? Basically 3-D, yes that’s correct. But why am I blogging about it you ask? Well the next evolution of HDTV and HD monitors is upon us. Why play a game or watch TV normally when you can put on some 3-D glasses and have the images pop out at you! will give you a quick run down of whats out there, they even have 3-D Starter Packs, but you have to already own one of Samsung’s 3-D Ready PDPs and HDTVs. A 24″ Wide LCD monitor runs about 1999 USD(must be the glasses!) While you can snag a Samsung 50″ Plasma, which is 3-D ready for 975 USD

I dont know, I like my quaint little 37″ LCD Screen just fine, I dont need to be laying around with a pair of glasses on my head just so some zany character pops out at me… for gaming possibly, but I will wait till the technology has matured.


November 24, 2008  5:31 PM

VMware workstation 6.5 new features

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

The newest release of VMware Workstation 6.5 will support for Direct X 9.0c and Shader Model 2, which basically means you will now be able to play 3D games in a VM! Utilizing ACE (Assured Computing Environment) technology you could take your 3D games and apps with you, securely Another Major new enhancement is called “Unity Mode” here’s an insert

“Unity mode — Integrate your favorite guest applications with your host. Open the application window, enter Unity mode, and the Workstation window is automatically minimized. The guest application windows look just like host application windows, but with color-coded borders. You can access the virtual machine’s Start menu (for Windows virtual machines) or Applications menu (for Linux virtual machines) by placing the mouse pointer over the host’s Start or Applications menu, or by using a key combination.”

Click here to read about all the other enhancements.


November 19, 2008  10:40 PM

The Definitive Fix for Internet Explorer 7 runonce issue!

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

After battling spyware till you have it on its knees begging for forgiveness, you’ll breath a sigh of relief, its finally gone, then you go to surf the internet and you get the dreaded Runonce page error. Two of the specific error URLs are below and

You can spend alot of time running around trying to find the fix, diving into the registry or you could just open notepad copy the text below and save the file as ie7fix.reg.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]



Double-click on the registry file you created and you should be good to go! Remember to set your home page to 😉

I know this has been posted in about a billion places, but no one has ever explained it in english, so here it is. Enjoy.


November 19, 2008  12:05 AM

New Xbox 360 Dashboard to be released tomorrow

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

For anyone who’s been living under a rock. “The New Xbox Experience” as most people are calling it is to be release to the public tomorrow, im not sure when, but im assuming midnight tonight. The interface will be much cleaner with some new features added into the mix. Among them are avatars, Netflix, and the ability to copy the whole game to the harddrive. I havent tested this option, although one would assume that load times would be greatly reduced. The disc would still need to be inserted, but hopefully this gets rid of the hum of the DVD drive… The avatar is customizable, you start with a random avatar, then you change his nose, eyes, ears, and of course clothing is customizable, although scarce. Who wants to bet that with some Microsoft points you could buy all the virtual clothes you wanted! 🙂

Anyways like anything thats free, if it makes my Xbox Experience better, im all for it!

Quick update as I puruse the “Net”.

“Microsoft has branded it the “new experience.” Unfortunately, the full experience will only be available in the U.S. In Canada, gamers will have to settle for a sleek redesign.”

Key to the above statement is that Canadians wont get Netflix. There is also a rumor where US Xbox Live users will be able to partake in online game shows with live hosts, sounds very interesting…

Also Microsoft is giving away 1 Million Microsoft Points which equates to about 16,000$ to spend on online content.

For the full Canadian story head here and watch a Preview here

November 18, 2008  11:33 PM

Microsoft to Challenge Facebook and MySpace

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Well it was bound to happen, Microsoft sees the success of MySpace and Facebook and wants a little piece of that pie. Microsoft wants Windows Live to be the centerpiece of everyones internet experience. Changes will be happening in the next few weeks as they incorperate new revisions of their email client, calendar, and picture services. Check out some cool slides here at Eweek.

With 460 Million users world wide they may have a platform to stand on, provided they make this transition painless, judging from the changes already made to hotmail, its a little less then smooth!

Little side note, Microsoft paid 240 million for 1.6 percent of Facebook, which is privately held.

I welcome the changes, new features, improved performance, and more free online hdd space, all for just being an MSN Live member, that I like!


November 14, 2008  1:02 PM

The Death Of Packaged Software: Microsoft Store Opens On The Web For U.S. Shoppers

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Well here it is… Microsoft Opens their online store officially… you can check it out here

Is this the end of packaged software? I think it might make a slight dent in some ways, but in other way not. There was no Canadian site, but I compared Vista Ultimate SP1 Full @ 319.00 USD to Futureshop where it was 329 CDN. Considering you dont get a CD with the download option I would rather just order it from Futureshop. With exchange rate these days you are paying much more for the download ( instant shopper gratification i guess 🙂 ) For another comparison, Gears of War Special Edition is 69.99 at Futureshop, but on Microsoft’s Online Store it is 69.99 USD also, and this one is strictly a shipping item… so yeah Microsoft opened the floodgate for lazy tech’s who would rather order software, download, and use it immediately. One more thing to note is that they make the download available to you till the software reached end-of-life, I would just download and burn it anyways.

The Online store also sells peripherals like XBox 360’s, controllers, and mice/keyboards.

So basically Microsoft is competing in the retail space, allowing Value Added Resellers to compete for sales in SMB and Enterprise spaces.


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